4 Women In Power On How They Rep Their Feminine Power

4 Women In Power On How They Rep Their Feminine Power

Workin' Girl

The legend James Brown once said, "This is a man's world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl."

Since JB declared that statement in his 1966 hit, it's not just a man's world anymore. While women have been and are still the minority in many industries, we are are increasing in numbers and are making impressive strides in male-dominated industries. However, despite our triumphs, we still struggle at times. Because it can be difficult to demonstrate our leadership skills while maintaining our femininity and sense of self, we sometimes struggle when working in spaces where males are the majority.

We recently caught up with four girl bosses from varied professions, and they shared their biggest tips on affirming and empowering themselves in male-dominated industries - high heels and all. Click through the gallery below.

1.Sheridan Labbé

What She Does:

Forrmer Director of Marketing for the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce, Founder of Southern Kouture

What She Says:

"I believe that you should always maintain your femininity in whatever respect that means. Do not feel like you have to tone down who you are or be someone you're not. Your employer hired you because of who you are, not someone who they are forcing you to be (or who you think they want you to be). [To me] femininity means different things for every woman, and you should be comfortable in your own femininity and own it. If your boss wanted to hire someone else, they would have. They hired you because of the diverse perspectives you can bring to the table. My advice?

"Be a boss babe and bring your light, amazing hustle, and energy to every space you occupy."

How do YOU maintain your femininity in a male-dominated workplace? Share your tips below!