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'Dry Tripping' Is The Latest Travel Trend, And Here's All You Need To Know

We may be months past "Dry January," but the collective shift toward a life of sobriety is here to stay. Being sober isn’t just a way to start the year off; it can be a way to reset your lifestyle, no matter how social or celebratory the season is. While alcohol often seems like a default component of vacations and beachside relaxation, more travelers are exploring the joys of an alcohol-free, "dry vacation" or “dry tripping.”

According to a recent survey conducted by Hotels.com, an increase in “dry tripping,” or taking part in an alcohol-free vacation, has occurred among younger travelers. The trend highlights a growing interest in a more mindful approach to travel that centers one’s well-being over high alcohol consumption. The survey adds that more than 40% of travelers are considering booking a detox trip in the next year.

A report from Expedia found that “half of travelers say they would be interested in staying at a hotel that offers easily accessible alcohol-free options like mocktails or nonalcoholic beer.” This rise in sober-curious and fully-dry vacations has been linked to traveler’s desire to “stay in control,” and feel better emotionally and physically, with a greater focus on their overall experiences rather than the drinks themselves.

When it comes to a dry vacation, the benefits are clear. Not only can you enjoy the ease of a hangover-free travel experience, but sleep improves, you save more money from not buying drinks, and you can have more relaxation and recovery without the all-too-familiar haze of alcohol.

Whether you're looking to maintain your sobriety or simply want to try something new, here’s how you can enjoy a dry vacation of your own!

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​Plan activities that don't center around drinking. 

One of the best ways to enjoy a dry vacation is to plan activities that don’t revolve around alcohol. While being on the beach or poolside is a great way to relax, it can often bring the need to sip a pina colada or two. Instead, try booking excursions, going off-roading, and exploring the city's cultural art scene and museums. These are easy ways to immerse yourself in the culture and leave with lasting memories.

​Connect with like-minded travelers. 

Traveling sober can be easier when you connect with others who share your lifestyle. Look for travel groups or tours that cater to sober travelers; these groups can offer support and camaraderie, making your dry vacation more enjoyable.

​Explore non-alcoholic beverage options.

Just because you’re not drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious beverage. Many hotels and resorts now offer a variety of elevated, non-alcoholic options to support your sober vacationing experience. Your next virgin cocktail or mocktail awaits.

​Enjoy quality wellness-focused experiences.

As a sober-curious traveler, you now have the option to book vacations that leave you feeling rejuvenated and well-rested, and with wellness trips, resorts, and retreats on the rise, these health-enhancing holidays often place alcohol low on the agenda, while prioritizing overall well-being.

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