Traveling Abroad With My Older Sister Saved Our Relationship

Traveling Abroad With My Older Sister Saved Our Relationship

5 Reasons You Need to Travel Abroad with Your Sisters in Your 20s


For any younger sisters, gaps of four years or more can feel like crossing the Great Wall of China when trying to relate to your older sister as you're growing up.

When I was going through my Barbie Stage, my older sister was going through her Usher Stage. When I finally caught up and learned the popular dance moves, Usher was out and Trey Songz was in. For most of our childhood and teenage years, I felt like I was never on the same page as my sister and honestly began to resent her for it.

But, there is something remarkable about your 20s that begins to blur the lines between age and maturity. After traveling together to London, Jamaica, and the French Alps (which is surprisingly snowy year-round), I realized that I had really been missing out on a relationship with my sister. The same woman who I always thought that I had nothing in common with was… cool, really cool. There is something about leaving your day to day routine and traveling together that bonds you with your sister in a totally indescribable way. It saved our relationship.

Here are 5 reasons you absolutely must travel abroad with your sister in your 20s.

Author, right, and sister in the French Alps.

1. No one knows you like your sister

They've seen you at your best, they've seen you at your worst. For better or for worse, there's no front to put up when traveling with your sister… and it's so freeing. You can sing Beyonce in the shower, indulge in your annoying habits throughout your trip together, tell things like they really are, and there's no discussion to be had. You're family – literally.

2. Guaranteed wingwoman & shameless photographer wrapped in one

The pick-up line, "You look young enough to be sisters" actually applies when traveling together. It was so much fun consistently having someone to go out with and not having to worry about them flaking on you last minute – we all have that one friend. Even better, traveling with your sister guarantees that there's no awkwardness in asking someone to retake your picture 100 times. Traveling with your sister means you get a guaranteed plus one and a photographer all in one.

Author, right. Sister, left.

3. There is safety in numbers

International travel can seem daunting, especially if it's your first time leaving the country. But when traveling with your sister, it often comes with an unspoken sense of comfort due to familiarity. I genuinely felt like we had each other's backs because, well, we share DNA. Plus, our parents were considerably more comfortable with the idea of us traveling together opposed to other friends and SOs. If we would've known that our parents would be so on board, we would've started traveling together years ago.

4. Memories and inside jokes last a lifetime

Upon returning from our trip, everything is an inside joke or makes us think of an experience we had together. The amount of blackmail material, #tbt posts, and you-had-to-be-there stories you come back with goes unparalleled. Before our trip, my sister and I would probably talk a few times a month if we were lucky, and since returning, we communicate several times a week to reminisce or simply check-in. You get so used to talking all the time when traveling together, that it's hard to revert to old habits upon your return.

5. You keep the simple things in perspective

One evening, after a long day of running around and things finally start to settle down, you will look over at your sister and realize that in this big, crazy world, you are that all each other has. And, it doesn't seem half bad.

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