The Gworls Are Stepping Out In Red Hair This Season

The Gworls Are Stepping Out In Red Hair This Season

I just checked the beauty forecast and it looks like red is in. And what better way to usher in the holiday season than with one of the brightest, most eye-catching colors. While the color red has different meanings in many cultures, when it comes to hair, it can only be defined in one word: sexy. From fiery red to burgundy, the intensity of this hair color captures the attention of everyone, just like the celebs who sport it.

Who can forget Rihanna’s Loud era where she rocked red hair from a short bob to long straight tresses? Now, there’s a whole crop of gworls who are daring to walk on the wild side with this magnetic hair color.

Take a look at the celebs who are donning red hair this season.


While our girl Saweetie is getting fans ready for “Icy” season, she decided to say goodbye to the blonde for now and introduced a new spicy hairstyle. The “Best Friend” rapper first donned hair red tresses in October and ever since then she has been showing out from hosting the 2021 EMA’s to her appearance on SNL where she performed her new song “Icy Chain.”

Nicki Minaj

We can always count on Nicki Minaj to give us a lewk especially when it comes to her hair and she rarely disappoints. The “Queen” MC showcased her red hair a week ago that included a side part and flip.

Teyana Taylor

As Teyana Taylor is making her rounds across the U.S. with her farewell tour, she made sure to give fans an unforgettable show and lewk. The “Rose in Harlem” singer has been sporting a red wet and wavy bob that is parted down the middle.

Chloe Bailey

Taking a page from her Instagram caption, Chloe Bailey is “red hot.” After having fun with blonde locs, the 23-year-old singer switched it up on us and started rocking red locs instead. The “Have Mercy” artist premiered her new look during her 2021 AMA appearance.

Featured image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MRC

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