Let's Give Sheryl Underwood Her Flowers For Properly Handling Sharon Osbourne's Tantrum On 'The Talk'

Because racism doesn't only look like someone saying the n-word, Sharon. THAT's why.

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Oh, Sheryl, Sheryl, Sheryl. Sis. Come get these flowers, girl. You deserve them all.

If you haven't heard by now, Sheryl Underwood was on the tail end of a Sharon Osbourne meltdown on The Talk this week. Basically, Osbourne lost her mind while standing up for her friend Piers Morgan, in the wake of backlash following remarks he made about Meghan Markle. And since, Osbourne has been whining to anyone who'll listen, that she's being accused of being racist (which Sheryl never alluded to and is what seems to be what she cares more about, versus actually listening).

Of course, she denies being racist blah, blah, blah, watch the clip below:

Chiiiiiiiiiile, the audacity. The demands. I can'ttttt.

Anyway, the conversation ends with Osbourne asking, "Why can't it be he just doesn't like her? Why does he have to be racist?" Which would be a legit question, if we weren't talking about Piers Morgan.

Upset, upset, mad, mad, tears, and tears, who cares, this post is about the Queen Sheryl Underwood, one of the most prolific, comedic gems of the culture. Let's give her some flowers, y'all.

Having joined CBS' The Talk in 2011, Sheryl Underwood, 57, is known for her big personality and stating her opinions. And she has been a vocal ally to disproportionate black issues, never letting up, and always ringing true. She has clawed her way out of her traumatic past, and has a mean pivot game. All the way to a legendary comedy career.

Here's why we love Sheryl:

She is an advocate for trauma survivors:

The Talk/CBS

Underwood has survived being raped, her husband's suicide, and developing multiple personality disorders to cope with her trauma.

"I will tell you this, sometimes certain disorders protect you. When I was younger, the things that were happening to me, I would separate. So there were two of us. Because I wanted to survive. So one was the fighter. One was, something was happening to me. So I hope that this helps people, and I hope that it helps people understand that the human brain will do whatever is necessary to survive. I really want women to understand: Don't ever let anybody take your power away from you."

On an episode with The Talk panel, while discussing her past trauma, Sheryl recounted the time she was raped, and having to think her way through the moment.

"I remember having a 'this is it' moment when I was raped. I just kept thinking, This ain't it. I am not going to die today. I refuse to die today. It's not going down like this. So the only thing I thought was: What do I do to survive? What do I do to survive? And I start talking to the guy and I said, 'Don't do this this way. Whatever you're going to do, finish what you're doing — don't kill me. And don't take my ID. They'll find you."

Despite her upbringing, she always knew she would be famous:

When asked how she has been intentional in building her brand, she touched on her inevitable fame:

"I knew I was going to be in the entertainment industry, even as a child; but along the way I told myself that I would be sincere, authentic, and trustworthy. Even when I've stumbled and made not-so-good comments like the one I made about natural hair, I've apologized because I work hard to serve my community. I'm intentional about building honest and sincere relationships.

She supports HBCUs tirelessly:

Underwood may have graduated from the University of Illinois, but that absolutely doesn't stop her from publicly advocating for HBCUs. Additionally, she was the international president of Zeta Phi Beta from 2008-2012. Sheryl understands the impact HBCUs have played in black culture, and she knows that now more than ever, HBCUs need financial support, even recently partnering with Metamucil to donate.

"I believe that once we show these large companies that it is mutually beneficial for them to engage HBCUs, maybe we can get them to do more. We want to make sure we do all we can do to keep our historically Black colleges and universities alive. I didn't go to one; but once I joined Zeta Phi Beta and got to see the chapters on the HBCU campuses, I knew that I had to advance higher education and work with companies that were trying to do that."

Underwood has fund-raised for multiple HBCUs through various vehicles, and we love to see it!

And most importantly, she has risen to the occasion of learning to embrace being a proud black woman on a large platform:

What I mean is this: Underwood comes from brokenness. She has been tormented for her features and looks since she was born. She has been called every negative thing under the sun. She has experienced the ridicule of colorism, in, and outside of the Black community. And she's had to learn some lessons as she goes, which we all have. But ultimately, our good sis cares about the culture--even in those moments where it may be easier to look away, Sharon Osbourne incident aside.

And for that, I fucks with her the long way. Come get these flowers, sis!


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