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Pretty Vee Says This Is The Best Way To Protect Your Peace

Vena "Pretty Vee" Excellshares gems about the strategies she uses to protect her peace and maintain her well-being.

Throughout the years, the actress and comedian has gained recognition for her social media skits, dance routines, and contributions to Wild N' Out.

In addition to expanding her fanbase and platform, Excell has used every opportunity to vocalize the importance of mental health and share the lessons she has learned throughout her journey in life and the entertainment industry.

All of Excell's hard work and actions would ultimately pay off because the 32-year-old was honored at the second annual I Love Myself Festival, an event that promotes self-empowerment.

During the occasion, Excell opened up in an interview with Spiritual Word about why people should put themselves first.

When asked about the number one tip for protecting one's peace, the Pretty Stoned star revealed that what has helped her personally and professionally was eliminating the noise in her life.

"Number one tip for protecting your peace would be cutting out the noise. The noise around you," she said.

Further into the conversation, Excell elaborated on how past experiences and interactions with others could negatively affect a person's well-being.

"The noise mentally telling you that you cannot do it. The noise of trauma and even the noise of your family. You know they call you, begging, she said. "Friends throwing their misery on you and their issues and problems and not even saying 'how are you?'"

The star wrapped up the interview by saying that limiting availability is the key to having a peaceful life and being content with oneself.

"So I think protecting that and putting your phone on Do Not Disturb. Just really putting yourself first is everything to protect your peace."

Excell's advice about blocking out the noise and focusing on things that only she can control may be a hard truth to hear for some people, but it proves that preserving one's energy is essential to accomplishing goals and maintaining peace.

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