Jada Pinkett Smith Says She Understands Why Some Women Are Attracted To Married Men

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Secretly, we all have a proclivity to want the things we can't have. The person next to you may have ordered the exact same thing on the menu, but for some reason, their food always looks better because the grass is always greener on the other side. We play this never-ending game of cat and mouse with ourselves, and in most cases the end result is dangerous.

Let's use the relentlessly sexy nature of a happily married man as an example. I personally have never been involved with a married man, but can admit there's something that's downright delicious about a man who can both commit to and hold down his household, and Jada Pinkett Smith says that's part of the reason infidelity rates are so high.

Earlier this week, the Red Table Talk host recently sat down with Extra and broke down what she thinks is the real reason women are attracted to married men. Jada explained:

"I tend to think that women who are attracted to married men — and specifically married men with power — it creates the sense of stability and security. And I'm not saying it's right, but I do get understanding on why women are drawn in that way. It's like, it creates security for my survival."

According to a biological process called mate-choice copying, Jada is right. A number of scientific studies suggest that most women find men more attractive when they are partnered. Research shows that this attraction to married men is less about home-wrecking and more about a sense of stability.

While studies also proved that women preferred these men in theory rather than in practice and preferred to interact with a ringless man, the fact remains that there's something about a married man that feels safe and resembles the sense of security that many single women desire. Jada explained that it's a desire that dates back centuries.

"He can build a house, back in the day he could build a beautiful log cabin, he could go out and kill a lion and bring it to the house so you can eat. Men from the other village would come in and he'd whoop some ass. That's the feeling, it's primal."

While this is not a green light to go out and romance someone's husband, it does also confirm why your old friend from college suddenly seems awfully handsome after he posted his engagement photos on Facebook.

The funniest thing about mate-choice copying is, it has less to do with how fine a man may be and more about his choice in a partner. This biological process looks a lot like copying your notes from the smart kid in class, except in this case, the notes are another woman's husband. The report showed that a woman is more likely to be interested in a married man if his wife is attractive; so in other words, if ladies are looking at your man, it's just because you're poppin', sis.

The more you know! You can get out Jada's full interview below!

Jada Pinkett Smith Weighs In on Women Being Attracted to Married Men youtu.be

Featured image by Instagram/@JadaPinkettSmith.

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