Promotion Squad: These 3 People Will Help You Level Up
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Promotion Squad: These 3 People Will Help You Level Up

Talk about squad goals.This person highly respects the tangible value you add to the company's bottom line and they love cultivating talent that the company can retain.

How to connect: Don't be afraid to spark a conversation in the elevator with your boss or the head of your department. Present new ideas or procedures that are relevant, solve problems, or save the company money. Find a way to make their highly stressful jobs a tad bit easier and get to know what makes them tick. Also, I learned to talk less and listen more. Successful leaders I've known typically never trust people they perceive as too chatty or know-it-alls.

None of this is about back-biting or scandal-style scheming. It's all about getting beyond your desk and into some real relationship-building that actually forges authentic connections, helps you grow as a person, and returns the favor through value-adding and innovation.

Talk about squad goals.

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