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Viral Sensation Christiana Sabino Is Using 'Pure Black Love' To Build Her Brand

Before I settled into the lane of (mostly) sex and relationships writing, I was an entertainment journalist; this meant that I sharpened my teeth, quite a bit, in the interviewing lane — which meant that I’ve encountered quite a few different personalities over the years. And even though it’s been almost three decades of me doing that (off and on), in just a 50-minute conversation that I recently had, I found someone who has easily entered into my Top 10 of all-time favorite people to professionally explore. Easily.

Even if you don’t know her name, I’m willing to bet my next three writing checks that you’ve seen her before because if someone is good for going viral out herein these TikTok streets, it’s Christiana Sabino.

Since I also do a good amount of health and beauty writing, I know what filters can do. For her, they need not apply; she is the epitome of natural beauty. Yet and still, when she popped up on that video screen, she almost took my own damn breath away because stunning? That doesn’t even begin to cut it. In fact, I’m still trying to find an adjective that truly does her justice.

At really-close-to-30, Christina is as feminine as she is gorgeous, as humble as she is wise, as traditional (valued) as she is professionally savvy — and all of these reasons and more (especially once her husband joined in) are why I just knew I had to meet her, pick her brain and provide you all with some inspiration to do what she’s doing in your own signature way: let love and your purpose totally expand your life.

First, the Answers to Some Questions You’ve Probably Always Wanted to Know

@Christiana on IG

Listen, if you don’t recognize Christiana, you either don’t do social media (pretty much at all) or you need to get your eyes checked. I say that because, if there’s one person who is gonna post a video of preparing meals to songs that I’m impressed she’s such a fan of (since she’s still in her 20s) while in some of the most radiant outfits alongside her man who you can tell truly adores her and she’s gonna get a million hits, damn near every single time, it’s her — almost seamlessly so.

“It’s what I know,” says Christiana with a soft-spoken delivery yet very clear demeanor. “I come from a two-parent home [as does her husband,Arismarlyn Sabino] and the way that I am on the videos is how I was raised.”

I could tell that she was Eastern-cultured from the first time I saw her content. I did a bit of digging and discovered that she was Liberian. Her husband? He’s from the Dominican Republic. They met in college in New York City and both have degrees. Christiana’s lane is nutrition (which makes all of the sense in the world if you’re a follower of her stuff) while Arismarlyn (who goes by Aris and is 28) is an architect. They’ve been together for seven years total, married for one year (their first anniversary is in June) and they currently live in Texas.

One more thing: althoughChristiana’s Instagram page simply says that she is a “blogger” that is the ultimate understatement. She has a cookbook (more on that in a bit). She owns a skin and hair care line calledGoddess Gleam. She is a huge fan of and consistently displays lifestyle content — from fitness and fashion to travel and home — and she’s passionate about her partnership with the green hair care company Amika.

“My brand is based on my own standards,” Christiana explains. “Everything that people see are things that I love — especially Black love.”

Ain’t nothin’ better than Black love, y’all. I just had to know more.

"My brand is based on my own standards. Everything that people see are things that I love — especially Black love."

Christiana’s Own Standards Brought Her to the Love That She’s Always Desired

Since I’m also a married life coach (and have been for almost 20 years now), I can discern pretty easily what genuine and healthy love looks like. Christiana and Aris? They are the real deal, y’all. Still, Christiana admits that there were a few frogs who came along before her prince (who actually carries himself more like a gentle and loving Black king) did.

“When I first came here and started to date, it was weird,” Christiana says with a light laugh. “I wasn’t used to people who didn’t date to marry and that’s all I wanted to do. I’m really family-oriented, so I was looking for a man who would be a good father and then a good husband — in that order because what you show as a father will let me know you’re a good husband potential.”

"When I first came here and started to date, it was weird. I wasn't used to people who didn't date to marry and that's all I wanted to do."

It wasn’t too long after trying her hand at dating in the States that she was blessed to meet Aris — a man who Christiana describes as responsible, hard-working, someone she loves to learn from, and who is beyond thoughtful and kind. A man who was more than happy and willing to discuss what they both were looking for in a relationship just three weeks into them dating each other. Yeah, Christiana definitely beams whenever she speaks of Aris; she’s so proud to be with him that it was actually not until halfway through the interview that I knew his name wasn’t “my husband.”

“My husband is so present and consistent,” Christiana shares. “He writes books. He actually designed my cookbook and gifted it to me on my birthday. I didn’t even know that he was going to do that but he compiled my recipes without my noticing and presented them to me. That’s the kind of man my husband is.”


"We definitely complement each other. I love every part of him."

@Christiana on IG

I totally believe her because, although I don’t recall which post it was (Christiana posts quite a bit), I do remember her saying sometime last year that Aris was “retiring her,” so that she could do brand-building and content-creating full-time.

“We definitely complement each other,” Christiana explains. “I love every part of him.”

Which explains why, even though both Christiana and Aris say that they come from traditional homes, they went a bit against the grain by dating for a couple of years and then intentionally living together for one before getting engaged and later married.

“One of my uncles calls me ‘the black sheep’ of the family because that’s not how things are usually done with us,” Christiana admits. “I was intentional. I wanted us to be our most vulnerable [selves] and really know each other before marriage. I also wanted to grow with my partner [over time]…I think that’s why going from engaged to married hasn’t been much different; we had already learned so much about each other before.”

"I was intentional. I wanted us to be our most vulnerable and really know each other before marriage."

Christiana will say that although she is very comfortable doing things her own way when it comes to her wedding, she and Aris acquiesced to their families because, if it had been solely up to her and her now-husband, they would’ve eloped and had a ceremony later. Yet there are no regrets — when it comes to living with Aris first or having a ceremony to please their loved ones.

And now that they are about to hit their first official year as newlyweds, what is it like blending pretty much everything together? That’s when Aris, who was quietly sitting off-camera the entire time, was then asked to join the chat. I’m so happy that he did.

When a Man Loves a Woman, Y’all

Christiana is beautiful. Aris is handsome. They are a great-looking couple. Still, if Christiana has me low-key geeking over her looks, we all know thatmen must be up in the comments trippin’ hard. It doesn’t phase Aris; not one bit.

“She is beautiful and it’s the internet,” Aris says very calmly and gently. “As long as people don’t make her uncomfortable and everyone keeps their hands to themselves…she knows that I would die for her; that I would protect her. [Christiana is] my responsibility. We’ve been through too much together to worry about people we don’t know online.”

As I asked Aris to expound on what gives him the level of confidence that he has as he “shares” his wife with the world, he said, “We share some of our lives online but not all of it. And my wife is so reasonable, nurturing and she listens to understand. I think because we feel so safe with each other, it’s hard to feel worried about other people. Also, I don’t want her to feel forced to be with me. I always want to be her choice. That’s also why commenters don’t matter.”

Although both Aris and Christiana agree that no relationship is perfect, as I watched their energy exchange between each other (he looks at her so lovingly and she can’t keep her hands off of some part of him), I totally believed Christiana when she said that their “relationship struggle phase” was no more than a week. Once they realized that it was nothing more than a “butting of egos” (their words), they both looked at each other and said, “What are we doing?” and decided to not attempt one of those types of weeks again.

“When you work with your partner, you’ve got to put your pride aside,” Aris says. “You’ve got to really listen to each other, trust in each other, and give each other patience and grace.”

“My husband is huge on communication,” Christiana adds. “I’ve learned a lot about how to communicate better because of him. I listen more and now we’re at a point where we can read each other, we can answer each other’s questions. He’s my best friend and I trust him because I know that he has my best interest.”

When I asked if there are ever times when it’s hard for them to “get off of the clock” so to speak since so much of their professional and personal lives are intertwined, Christiana said, “He’s not a content creator, I am. My husband does a lot behind the scenes but we put our relationship first. Nothing is going to come before that.”

@mr.pephrah on IG

Christiana went on to share that even with as popular as her brand is becoming, it’s clear that there is a theme. Lifestyle and healthy living, yes — however, Black love and legacy are at the helm.

“My husband — I love every part of him. I prove my love by how I treat him. I’ve learned his needs and I meet them. He does the same. What I share online is a just a piece of what it’s like for us to be together. It’s a part of my culture. It’s a part of my relationship. It’s who I am.”

With (currently) over three million followers on TikTok and close to 675,000 followers on Instagram — how wonderful is it to know that so many people tune in, pretty much daily, to share in and celebrate all that Christiana holds dear. Black love, y’all, most of all.


You can follow Christiana on TikTok at kristiline_ _ and on Instagram @kristline_. Make sure to pick up one of her cookbooks too:Mama's Cookbook Volume 1,Mama’s Cookbook Volume 2and others that are special editions or available for pre-order here.

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