Chloe x Halle On Social Media & The Timing Of Your Own Success

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In the age of social media where almost everything is publicly documented and shared, young adults have been getting caught up in believing that creating their own set timeline for success in their minds can become reality.

While scrolling on our timeline and seeing our fellows posting about earning a degree or being in the same room as celebrities, we then find ourselves searching for what we're able to post. If we come up short, our confidence takes a hit because secretly likes on social media give us a sense of validation, validation that we're on the right track and making the right moves to become successful. Recently in an interview on Sway's Universe, Chloe x Halle stopped by to drop knowledge beyond their years. Chloe and Halle Bailey are a part of Generation Z and social media and timing came up in their discussion.

In 2011, Chloe x Halle began a YouTube channel and their cover of "Pretty Hurts" got the attention of their now boss, Beyoncé. At the young ages of 19 and 18, they are performing sold out shows and at festivals like Coachella.

The sister duo are also actresses and landed roles on Grown-ish as twins Jazlyn and Skylar Forster. With Grown-ish instantly becoming a hit show and the release of their debut studio album earlier this year, even more eyes of young fans are now on Chloe x Halle, wanting to. And what the Bailey sisters prove more than anything is that God's timing is everything.

"If God Spoke" on their album The Kids Are Alright was inspired from their faith in God's timing when the sisters were in a mental space where there was a feeling uncertainty in their lives. In the interview, Chloe touched on the importance of trusting God and the path that is set out specifically for you.

"We just [wrote this] song from our hearts because there's a lot of times where in whatever you're doing in your life, whether it's through your career or love or just learning to find your inner happiness, you're like 'Why isn't this happening now?' And, my sister and I, we truly believe timing is everything and everything happens for a reason. So, whenever we're feeling frustrated, we kind of put our frustrations in that song and if God were talking to us, it would say let it go and let it be. Everything that's yours will come, and you should just trust it."

Take it from Chloe x Halle, it is critical to take a break from the social world because the only destination from following someone else's path is missing the turn of your own triumph. You can't focus on the path of your purpose, if you're constantly veering off into lanes that aren't meant for you, you're delaying the success that is destined and designed for you. Say it with me: Social media doesn't define whether or not I'll be successful.

When asked about the pressure revolving around young people wanting to prove themselves, Halle explained:

"Don't worry about what other people are doing. Go at your own pace. That's something that me and my sister have had to learn over time. I look at [Chloe] as my role model and the person I always want to be with all the time. And, when one is down, we lift the other one up. When we're like, 'What is going on? Why isn't something this way?' It's like, it's okay. Everything is gonna be alright. It's not time for that, but it's gonna happen."

Watch Chloe x Halle's full interview with Sway below:

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