I've Got 10 Solid Reasons To Use CBD Oil More Often
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I've Got 10 Solid Reasons To Use CBD Oil More Often

Treat yo' self to some CBD oil. You absolutely won't regret it, sis.


I mean, really. Who hasn’t heard of CBD at this point, right? Have you ever wondered exactly what it is, though? OK, so the technical name for the cannabis plant is Cannabis sativa and it contains over 100 chemical compounds that are known as cannabinoids. One of those compounds is cannabidiol and its nickname is CBD. Unlike THC, CBD lacks the psychoactive properties that cause you to feel high. That doesn’t mean it’s not totally bomb, though, because it comes with some pretty amazing health benefits — ones that I’m about to dive into in just a second.

So, if you’ve been looking for some ways to improve the quality of your health without spending a billion dollars to make it happen, I can personally vouch for the fact that CBD oil is something that will benefit you beyond measure. Here are just 10 (of the many) reasons why I say so.

1. CBD OIL: Improves Your Mood

So, let’s start off with something that sounds super complex but it’s really not. All of us have a neurotransmitter in us known as anandamide. It’s tied into what gives us a blissful feeling, plus it can help to increase our oxytocin levels. This is good to know because oxytocin lowers stress while causing you to feel warm, fuzzy, and affectionate. So, if you’ve had a low day (or week), a little bit of CBD oil can literally perk you right on up.

2. CBD OIL: Neutralizes Free Radicals

If you’ve always heard of free radicals but were never really sure what they are, it’s kind of a long story. Probably the easiest way to break them down is they’re the kind of molecules that, when left to their own devices, can wreak havoc in your entire system by triggering oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is problematic because it can cause an imbalance in your body’s cells and tissues. CBD oil is helpful in this lane because it has the ability to neutralize free radicals so that they don’t end up causing damage to your system — and that’s a good thing.

3. CBD OIL: Reduces Inflammation

Whether you struggle with chronic or acute inflammation, CBD oil is something that can really help you out. Something that the oil has in it is anti-inflammatory properties. The properties are so effective that they are able to affect the way your body’s endocannabinoid receptors (ECS) move about. This is relevant because your ECS is the cell-signaling system you’ve got that alerts your body when inflammation is occurring. When CBD oil is applied, less inflammation occurs.

4. CBD OIL: Supports Digestion

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article for the platform entitled, “80% Of Your Immunity Is In Your Gut. Take Care Of It Like This.” Because so much of your health is tied to your gut, it’s important that you’re hypervigilant about proactively taking care of it. One way to do that is by making sure that your digestion runs smoothly and one way to do that is to use CBD oil. CBD oil is good for your digestive system because it is able to keep your GI (gastrointestinal) tract healthy while preventing several different kinds of diseases in the process.

5. CBD OIL: Minimizes Breakouts

Whether you’ve got acne, you experience hormonal breakouts or there is simply an area of your face (or body) where pimples like to pop up, CBD oil can help all of these out thanks to its pretty potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In fact, one study revealed that applying this kind of oil to your zits is far more effective than using Vitamin C or Vitamin E on them, which is pretty darn impressive if you ask me.

6. CBD OIL: Relieves Itchy Skin

Speaking of the skin-related properties in CBD oil, if you’re someone who battles with skin issues that are connected to eczema, psoriasis, or just chronic dry skin, you’ll be amazed how much relief applying some CBD oil to your skin can be! Not only can it help to speed up the healing process of cracked skin, but it can also moisturize your skin if it’s causing any type of itching or irritation.

7. CBD OIL: Decreases Pain

I once read an article that said that CBD oil has been used as a way to treat pain-related symptoms for thousands of years at this point. Because your endocannabinoid system consists of things like your sleep patterns, your appetite, and how your body responds to pain, CBD oil is beneficial in this area because it reduces inflammation and relaxes your pain stimuli so that you are able to feel some much-needed relief. In fact, CBD oil is proving itself to be so effective that it is oftentimes recommended to people who deal with fibromyalgia or pain that is associated with cancer.

8. CBD OIL: Improves Blood Pressure

If high blood pressure (or even cardiovascular disorders) is something that you struggle with, this is just one more way that CBD oil may be able to help you out. Although many studies are still being conducted on this particular health benefit, word on the street is, since it’s the kind of oil that helps to balance homeostasis (the state of how your internal, physical, and chemical conditions all work together) in the body, it can help to lower your blood pressure levels if you happen to be in a stressed-out state. And since a whopping 41 percent of Black people have high blood pressure within the United States, knowing this about CBD oil is highly relevant and beneficial.

9. CBD OIL: Soothes Insomnia

Something that I’ve been doing for quite a while now, at least a few times a week, is applying CBD oil to the soles of my feet before turning in for the night. Since there are 2,000 pores on each foot and many experts consider them to be the largest pores on your body, applying oils to that area can result in quick absorption. When it comes to CBD oil specifically, because the properties in it are tied to a reduction in pain and anxiety and also because it’s an oil that is directly tied into reducing your cortisol (stress) levels, it’s easy to see that if you avoid all of these other reasons to give CBD oil a shot, a good night’s rest is definitely a strong motivator to at least strongly consider giving it a try. I’m living proof of that, chile.

10. CBD OIL: Intensifies Orgasms

Remember how I said that CBD oil is good for treating anxiety? There is no way around the fact that, the more relaxed you feel, the more pleasurable sex will be. As a bonus, when you bring CBD oil into your boudoir, you have a far greater chance of experiencing more orgasms too (and who doesn’t want that?!). The reason the oil can help to make this happen is because your body naturally has cannabinoid receptors in your reproductive organs. So, when you apply CBD oil, it can only help to “trigger” them (in a good way), so that your sexual responses are intensified. This is actually why more and more people are becoming super fond of CBD lubricant.

Another writer for the site shouted it out in her article, “Why Cannabis Lube Is The Best Thing To Get Yourself For V-Day”. Also, Leafly is a cannabis-friendly site that has a DIY recipe that’s pretty easy to make (check it out here). You know what they say — don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it…so don’t. #wink

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