9 Sex Positive Brands To Add To Your Christmas List No Matter How Naughty Or Nice You Are


Being "feminist as fuck" means something different to everyone, or at least those who identify as feminist. Personally, it has come to mean changing the game for women of color and how they view their sexuality, helping us move towards more liberated versions of our bad ass selves.

How we express ourselves sexually – whether that preference is based off of heteronormative gender roles, toxic ideologies, or the reframing of patriarchal thinking – is an expression of our sexuality. These qualities can be both sexual and non-sexual, verbal and non-verbal. Society tells us that a strong, brave Black man looks like one who doesn't smile – this is only but one example of how sexuality is defined and then confined to something so monotonous.

Being sexually liberated means being able to stand firm and express your sexuality free of shame. It's about maintaining a "you like it, I love it" attitude instead of scrunching your face up in discontent when a friend mentions she's celibate and/or bustin' it down with her flavor of the week. This doesn't mean you can't be curious, it just means you aren't allowed to judge what you don't know. Sex, how we f*ck, and how we enjoy or don't enjoy to be f*cked is another element of our sexuality.

But sexuality and its spectrum in its entirety should be celebrated, so I thought it would be dope to put together a list of sex positive brands to get us all in the spirit, especially as holiday sales creep into our presence – because, hey, you might want to get something for yourself and a friend aka that friend who takes the girl talk to ten everytime (that's proudly me, btw).

Here's a list of 9 sex positive brands for us and by us. And, you know what else? There's no wait to find out if you made the naughty or nice list for these goodies. Like a day in HARPO studios, there's something for everybody.


FreakJawn was named with the intention of reclaiming the phrase and bringing nothing less than (sex) positivity to it. Not only to give us the shameless strength and confidence to own our sexuality but also to support sex workers, who more often than not are shamed by women and men who push their own discomfort off onto sex workers. If you've ever been in the presence of Philly folks, you know that they love to call just about anything a "jawn." It's used as a noun and it can describe the good, the bad, and the ugly. This includes the phrase freak jawn, which could be positive or negative depending on who's defining freak and how. With fun apparel that FreakJawn regularly produce and the featured holiday line Spooky Dick, we can be rest assured that the word "Freak Jawn" is ours (sex positive women) for the taking.

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