These 12 Signs From The Women's March Were Powerful AF


Every now and then, the ripple effect of revolution can be felt.

The inaugural Women's March was a prime example of the magic that happens when female energy unites under a common mission. On January 21, 2017 (also the date Number 45 was inaugurated), an estimated 4.6 million people rallied together in effort to radiate love in the face of hate and intolerance. And as of today, the second annual Women's March is kicking off the movement with over 200 events taking place in different parts of the world.

This weekend, women and allies alike are in the thousands to join forces as members of the resistance, standing up for women's rights, immigration rights, and the equal rights of minorities.

Within a year, women have made incredible strides, and have proven what happens when they create space for sisterhood and champion other women. Voices that used to silence themselves out of fear that no one would be around to listen, are no longer crippled. Their desire to walk and own their truth screams louder. In its wake, it has propelled other movements, like the Women's Strike, MeToo, and TIME'S UP.

A woman's work is never done, especially when it comes to liberating the truth of the woman that stands next to her. We're led by these women. We are inspired by these women. These women remind us to stand tall and to stand firm in our womanhood.

The 12 signs below give us glimpses of some of the protests happening around the world in honor of the 2018 Women's March, and are absolutely everything we needed to feel empowered to stand in our truth.

Women exercising their right to freedom of speech and expression is incredible, but this year's Women's March has shifted their aim from power of the p*ssy to power of the polls. With their latest initiative, Power to the Polls, the Women's March seeks to elevate the power and the voices of women even further. This year, we got a glimpse of what happens when women take matters into their own hand by going out and voting (read: black women) with the Roy Moore defeat in Alabama. Power to the Polls wants to amplify that and then some.

On January 21, 2018, the anniversary of the Women's March, women will come together in celebration in Las Vegas to launch their agenda, #PowerToThePolls.

According to their website, "this anniversary event in Las Vegas will kick-off a national voter registration and mobilization tour targeting swing states to register new voters, engage impacted communities, harness our collective energy to advocate for policies and candidates that reflect our values and collaborate with our partners to elect more women and progressives candidates to office."

Okay ladies, now let's get in formation.

For more information on Power to the Polls and how you can become active in your own Women's March chapter, visit their website powertothepolls.com.

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