Zoë Kravitz Has This To Say When Asked To Take Her Braids Out For Projects
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Zoë Kravitz Has This To Say When Asked To Take Her Braids Out For Projects

Actress Zoë Kravitz is opening up about the entertainment industry's beauty standards and its impact on her life.

Since Kravitz --the daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet-- made her acting debut nearly two decades ago in 2007's No Reservations, she has been a force to reckon with.

Over the years, the 34-year-old has selectively chosen roles that best showcase the range of her abilities and has remained authentic to herself by speaking up about issues she feels are essential such as Hollywood's pushback toward Black hairstyles.

Earlier this year, in an interview with Elle magazine, Kravitz shared details about the struggles she faced within the entertainment industry because she wanted to wear a protective style, mainly micro braids, and how Hollywood has changed its tune following the murder of George Floyd and the rise of Black Lives Matter movement.

Zoë On Wearing Braids In Hollywood

In the discussion, Kravitz disclosed that before Floyd died in 2020, she was often "fighting" about how she would wear her hair on the set of numerous projects, including photo shoots.

The High Fidelity star recalled when she went to various photo shoots with her braids, a stylist asked her to remove them so that her hair could be done differently. Kravitz added that her direct response to the request would always be "pretend this is the way it grows out of my head."

Kravitz shared that the reason behind her statement is because of how long it takes to get her hair done, and over time, she noticed that her white counterparts weren’t receiving the same treatment when they would change their looks by dying their hair.

"[Pre-George Floyd], I was constantly just fighting [about my hair] and being asked to change it. I would do a shoot, and this still happens to be honest, where they'll say, 'Can you take your braids out? Because we want to do something else.' And I always reply, 'Pretend this is the way it grows out of my head," she said.

"You don't ask people that have long blonde hair to change their hair every time they do a shoot.' It's interesting that I'm often asked to pop them braids out. Do you know how long this takes? And it's also the way I wear my hair."

When the topic shifted to how long it usually takes for Kravitz to get her micro braids installed, The Batman star claimed that it can take about "12 to 15 hours." During those moments when Kravitz is getting her hair done by two braiders at a time, she uses it as an excuse to relax by smoking weed and watching films.

Zoë On Hollywood Becoming More Conscious

Further in the interview, Kravitz explained how Hollywood and the entertainment industry have changed in recent years and the work that still needs to be done.

Kravitz revealed that Black people in the entertainment industry are now being offered roles that "go beyond stories about being Black." The Big Little Lies star added that Hollywood still needs to grow in some aspects by making room for more Black female directors, particularly when it comes to telling the story of other Black people.

"I think there's more of a consciousness around making sure that Black women, Black people, get to be a part of stories that go beyond stories about being Black, and then also finding ways to bring that truth into a story. For a long time, it was about being—if it was a Black woman, with a white man, it was about that, you know what I mean? It couldn't just be a love story between two people," she said.

“I think that's really exciting. And ways I would like [the industry] to continue to grow—I want more Black directors. I want more Black female directors. In terms of telling our story, I would be excited to work with more Black female directors. So let's make more room for that."

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