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Vivica A. Fox Gets Candid About Her Dating Life As Her 60th Birthday Approaches: ‘I’m Taking Applications’

Vivica A. Fox says she’s on the market!

During a recent appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna, the Set It Off actress spoke candidly about her dating preferences amidst modern dating culture.

"I’m wanting to date, it’s just limited resources out there, right? Because I’m not getting on an app. I’m old-fashioned," Fox said. "I need to meet you and sparks happen because I just believe people make up stories, saying who and what they are."

The actress, 59, expressed her desire for a partner and isn’t shy about the traits she hopes her future soulmate will embody.

"When I say a partner, I want someone who’s going to be fun, who’s not intimidated by who and what I am, that likes to travel, and is gonna let me go shopping," she illustrates.

Fox continued, "I’m taking applications, so if you got a friend, I’m good. And I don’t discriminate. I’m not against different nationalities, so you can know that too. You gotta leave your options open."

With the Not Another Church Movie star’s 60-year-old birthday approaching this summer, Fox humorously reflects on how it feels to reach this milestone age. "Well, I'm not going to lie, my knees someday are like, ‘Let’s go get a little help there.’ Some shorts, or something. But I’m so comfortable in the skin I’m in."

Vivica A. Fox has had a notable dating history with high-profile relationships with rapper 50 Cent in the early 2000s and has been romantically linked to Dennis Rodman and was previously engaged to Omar "Slim" White.

Fox adds that she’s living her best “booked, busy, and blessed” life and is grateful for the fulfilling opportunities that have come to her in this chapter of her life.

"I never expected this chapter of my life to be so booked, busy, and blessed — literally in that order. I’m finally getting quality, I’m getting projects that I love doing," she says.

"I’m all about girl power and lately women have been giving me the most wonderful opportunities. ... The blessings have just kept growing, and finally, everyone’s giving me my flowers. It’s about time, and I’m taking them."

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