Video: xoNecole Goes On The Scene For The 'Night School' Premiere
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Video: xoNecole Goes On The Scene For The 'Night School' Premiere

You know it's not a party until xoNecole is on the scene, and we made our presence known and felt once again on the red carpet. This time at the LA premiere of the Will Packer and Kevin Hart produced Night School. And the stars were out and absolutely shining!

From Kevin Hart and his beautiful wife Eniko Hart, to the stunning Yvonne Orji and her footballer bae Emmanuel Acho (Molly girl, we see you boo!), we caught up with the Night School cast and movie-goers. Click the video below to watch our exclusive coverage of the film's premiere and learn the answers to some of your most burning questions - like the superlatives two of Hollywood's boldest comedians, Tiffany Haddish and Amanda Seales, were voted as on their way to their come up.

You gotta press play to find out.

Night School is out now. Check it out at a theater near you.

Smile, Sis! These Five Improvements Can Upgrade Your Oral Hygiene Instantly

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Our teeth are connected to so many things - our nutrition, our confidence, and our overall mood. We often take for granted how important healthy teeth are, until issues like tooth sensitivity or gum recession come to remind us. Like most things related to our bodies, prevention is the best medicine. Here are five things you can do immediately to improve your oral hygiene, prevent tooth sensitivity, and avoid dental issues down the road.

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