These Holiday Gifts For Bae Will Have Him Leaving Cookies For You Every Night

These Holiday Gifts For Bae Will Have Him Leaving Cookies For You Every Night

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If your bae has been nice and not naughty this year, it may be time to reward him with a treat other than yourself, but what exactly should you get him that's equally sweet? That's a question that may have you spending your nights thinking rather than cuddling and we wouldn't want that, so we've done the work for you!

Put on your Mrs. Claus hats, and be ready to be kissed many times under the mistletoe with these thoughtful gifts that will make your boo want to cook up a special batch of cookies to leave by your bedside.

Below you will find plenty of gifts that have been specially chosen to cater to every kind of guy who wants his needs to be fulfilled and not just his desires.

For the Trendsetter Guy: Art 4 All


How many men can say they have a hat featuring one-of-a-kind traditional Indonesian art known as Batik? Your bae will when you take his love for hats to a whole new level with one of these unique hats styled with wildlife and nature images! His boys will definitely be copying his style.

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For the Baller: The Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant

Credit: MCD

Ready to score high points with your man? Well, if he's a fan of basketball and loves a good story, then this collector's item written by Kobe "The Black Mamba" Bryant will be a slam dunk under the tree. Written in his own words and with amazing photos taken by legendary NBA photographer, Andy Bernstein, readers of this book will be pleased to learn all about the mental and physical preparation that it took for the NBA star to excel at the game.

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For the Dapper Man: Fine Accoutrements

The Canuck Shaver

Bring retro luxury to your man's shaving game with Fine Accoutrements' double edge safety razor. He will surely be thanking you when he uses the "Marvel" Safety Razor that flaunts vintage class but also gets the job done effortlessly!

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For the Digital Guy: Skagen Smartwatch 


Got yourself a man who has a love for gadgets? If so, shock his circuit breaker with this Falster 2 Smartwatch that boasts an interactive, swimproof touchscreen and a range of smart features powered with Wear OS by Google! From heart-rate and Google Assistant to everything in between, not only will he be double tapping all your posts, but he'll also be wanting to share his love in other ways that gets his heart pumping (hint, hint)!

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The Hungry Guy: Pizza Grilling Man Crate


Gift giving has never been this delicious and this Man Crate has everything needed to satisfy your man's hungry belly. We've all heard a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not fill it with a themed gift that comes with an assortment of carefully-curated, high quality goods, packaged inside a rugged wooden crate to make the perfect pizza? Yup, you can thank us later!

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The Classy Man: Anson Belt and Buckle

Effortless Gent

A real man wears his pants around his waist not under his behind. With that being said, treat the man in your life to a gift that is stylish and functional. A great gift is a cinch with this Anson Belt & Buckle because it's a micro-adjustable hole-less belt that always ensures the perfect fit.

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For the DIY Guy: Elba-Macht Magnetic Wristband


If you love to watch your bae doing handywork, then you're going to be drooling when you see him equipped with the "Magnetic Wristband" that keeps all the small metal items like nails, screws, bits, and even small hammers attached to it. Talk about giving him a helping hand!

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For the Professional Man: RAWHYD Leather Co.

RAWHYD Leather Co.

Your bae may like to write those checks and collect that cash, but does he have a wallet that is not only functional but also handmade with quality leather by artisans in India? We didn't think so, and that's exactly why we made wallets by RAWHYD a must-have for a professional man. And don't worry, if he loses it, the RAWHYD Leather Co. offers a 1 year no-hassle warranty!

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For the Sexy Beast: Bunch of Animals Underwear


Gift your man a luxe gift that he can enjoy everyday! These soft, comfortable, and breathable underwear created with eco-friendly materials will not only benefit your man's jewels, but it will also give you some serious eye-candy with its vibrant patterns! Bonus: No more sweaty balls.

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For the Music Maniac: COBY Premium Bluetooth Headphones


Ladies, if you want your man singing tunes about your greatness, then these rechargeable PREMIUM hands-free Stereo Headphones are that gift for the music lover or amateur singer. Not only do these earphones offer wireless music, but they also double as a Bluetooth® phone headset for hands-free calling. How dope?

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For the Charismatic Man: Smile Direct Club 

Hello Subscription

Help keep your bae's smile picture-perfect with this professional-grade teeth whitening system designed to get his teeth to their brightest in just one week – right in the comfort of his own home. Gift him the kit filled with whitening pens and a LED accelerator light that will keep him smiling from ear-to-ear.

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The Self-Satisfier: Wicked Sensual Care 


Lube as a gift? Why not? Get your man the gift of sexual satisfaction with luxury lubricants that promotes not only a great time but also gives pleasure without compromising his sexual health. You might like this, A LOT.

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For the Candy Man: Holiday Tin Trio


A man with a sweet tooth will fall in love with two pounds of gourmet chocolate that offers him his own stash of three chocolate favorites – chocolate covered vanilla-cream cookies, peppermint pretzels, and chocolate covered potato chips. Don't worry, he's still going to want to partake in your sweetness!

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For the Bearded Brother: Esquire Grooming's The Five Piece Trimmer Set

Esquire Grooming

Nothing is better than a man whose beard is fresh, clean, and soft so why not treat him (and yourself) by upgrading his grooming tools with The Five Piece Trimmer Set which offers power, precision, control and versatility for a full face and body coverage. This gift will put him at the top of the #beardgang!

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For the Natural Man: OTTO by Banana Bros.


Change the game with this "smart," motorized all-in-one grinder and cone maker that's designed with proprietary artificial intelligence and is able to detect the condition of the herb, gently mill buds to uniform perfection, and neatly fill Banana Bros. premium raw fiber cones in just seconds. Talk about a modern ways to enjoy smoking leisure!

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