Sylvia Obell Is Stunning In Beautiful Soul Episode 6 "Summertime Fine"
Beautiful Soul Video

Sylvia Obell Is Stunning In Beautiful Soul Episode 6 "Summertime Fine"

"If it's one thing I can count on, my skin gonna glow for me when I need it to!" 😍

In our final episode of #BeautifulSoul presented by @Ultabeauty titled 'Summertime Fine', entertainment journalist Sylvia. Obell brought that megawatt glow to the camera! Tune into this episode to watch Sylvia walk Necole Kane through her top tips on maintaining this glow all summer long with SPF, serums, moisturizers + more of her favorite summer products all found at Ulta.com.

Smile, Sis! These Five Improvements Can Upgrade Your Oral Hygiene Instantly

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Our teeth are connected to so many things - our nutrition, our confidence, and our overall mood. We often take for granted how important healthy teeth are, until issues like tooth sensitivity or gum recession come to remind us. Like most things related to our bodies, prevention is the best medicine. Here are five things you can do immediately to improve your oral hygiene, prevent tooth sensitivity, and avoid dental issues down the road.

Is Once Ever Enough To See Beyoncé's "Renaissance World Tour?"

Many have wondered if one time is ever enough to see Queen Bey. Some argue yes. However, many of us on the opposite end of the spectrum, including myself, would disagree. Beyoncé's "Renaissance World Tour" is a universal yet varying experience for everyone who attends. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, the concert is "transcendent." For millennials, we have over two decades of her catalog that has served as the soundtrack for many of our lives and painted a personal portrait of our most coveted thoughts. Her music provides mental clarity and self-expression by serving as a universal language that has united fans from all walks of life through community, fashion, self-acceptance, and healing.