New Trend Alert? This Woman's Natural Hair Is Giving New Meaning To The Mullet

New Trend Alert? This Woman's Natural Hair Is Giving New Meaning To The Mullet

One of my favorite things about being a Black woman is that we get to experiment with our hair in ways that most could never. From sew-ins, to silk presses, to geometric braid patterns, and more, there are literally zero bounds to the possibilities.

And thankfully, social media is filled with hella examples of almost all of them.

But one got my attention in the most amazing way, I couldn't help but to share. And although my algorithm is filled with pages of hair on hair on hair, I had never seen a style quite like this one before. It was a Black woman with a mullet. And it was with all her natural hair.

Hear me out.

Cut and styled by Los Angeles-based hairstylist, K Brunson, this style warped everything we ever thought we knew about the natural hair game, with a silk pressed mullet of inches on inches on inches. In a post shared to social media, in simple caption, KB writes:

"Hey Y'all! I Had Fun With This ... #mullet#mullethaircut"

And listen, he has done it all, from international perm campaigns, to Caucasian highlights, so it's only fitting that he has this style under his belt too. Which, don't get me wrong, I understand that mullets are nothing new. It's been around for decades. But to see one, on a woman of color, with her natural silk-pressed tresses down her back, is worth conversation, especially because we value creativity in the Black hair community.

And thankfully, many commenters were just as amazed as I was.

From those who understood on an industry level:


To those who loved the nostalgia:


And from the speechless:


All the way to the skeptics:



Overall, the post has gotten so much love, raking in thousands of likes and shared to other hair lover pages who equally were excited to discuss. But I have to ask, could you rock this style? Or would you leave it to the pros?

Let me know your thoughts!

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Featured image by KthestylistB/Instagram

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