6 Pole Dancing Accounts On Instagram We Stan

*starts petition for pole dancing to be in the next Olympic games*

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The art of pole dancing has to be the most underrated form of artistry. Pole dancers seamlessly culminate contradicting concepts like femininity and muscular strength with such grace. The added element of body positivity promotes wellness and healing so it's time we give these artists their flowers now.

With a myriad of mental and physical benefits, pole dancing serves as a conduit to finding your sexuality, individuality and strength. As a Black woman, I am mystified by the beauty of Black women and their bodies. To use your vessel to give birth, protect the culture and effortlessly contort your entire being is just...magic.

Black Twitter has gone up about the superpowers we were supposed to get on December 21st but the truth is we have always had superpowers and these accounts are the proof. To give you some inspiration, we have rounded up some pole dancing accounts that need a follow ASAP.

Zippora, @zipporaflexpolefit

The Baltimore native is a technical designer by trade but learned the power of the pivot when she attended her first pole class in 2010. There was something about how the woman delicately moved around the pole and around the floor that made Zippora re-evaluate her career path. Now, she's having full circle moments daily as she serves as major body and strength inspo for other women. This goddess has been a body double on shows like P-Valley and The Quad so you best believe she deserves a follow.

Simone, @smariasylvester

We stan mother, educator, and pole enthusiast, Simone, because she deserves it. She uses the pole as therapy. On an Instagram post, she shared, "My identity evolves. I give myself permission to explore. My purpose becomes revealed to me through this exploration." We are enamored by the way she balances the duality of being a mom while not losing herself in being deliberate about her other loves.

Sammy Picone, @sammypicone

You might know Sammy as Flame Bae. But what you really need to know is that Sammy's love affair with pole dancing came shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. Little did she know, her affinity for inverts would thrust her into her purpose. Sammy had dreams of going to medical school, but like many of us, she let self-doubt take control. Now, her resume includes accomplishments like "featured in Vogue Italia" and "toured with Summer Walker". Up next, she'll be your favorite acupuncturist slash pole dancer when she opens up her studio and practice soon.

AnnaKia, @itsbaelienbish

The day I saw AnnaKia gliding around the pole to Giveon's "Still Your Best" in cheetah print pants and killer heels, I hit the follow button like my life depended on it. The seductress is no stranger to large audiences and bright lights because she's been featured on stages with celebrities from Summer Walker to Young Dolph. It's really the way she owns every space she walks into for us.

Ney, @neyon_tree

Neyon inspires all of us to be comfortable in our own skin by simply slowing down and being present. Her ballet and contemporary dance background make for the most beautiful show when defying gravity. Ney quit her nine-to-five after wanting more wanting to find a way to move that felt good to her and good for her body. Because the universe was conspiring per usual, she landed an opportunity of a lifetime when she got the call to be in Solange's "Almed" video. Visiting her account brings us joy because she is all the things: dancer, black femme, artist, and sex worker.

Ro'Yale, @daqueenofcurves

With over 60 million views on multiple social media platforms, Ro'Yale is the plus size pole fit instructor we all need. Da Queen of Curves became the first curvy instructor at the world-renowned Vertical Joe's when the studio became intentional about representation of all body types. From that moment, "Vertically Voluptuous" became the class for plus size women who used the studio as a playground. In an interview with Curvicality, Ro'Yale said:

"Feeling sexy as a plus-size woman is not to compare yourself to anyone else … and also not to give a damn what anyone else thinks. You got that! You've got to love yourself, no matter what size you are."

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Featured Image @neyon_tree

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