The 5 Yoga Poses That Will Improve Your Sex Life

The 5 Yoga Poses That Will Improve Your Sex Life

Valentine’s Day is near and great sex is always a trending topic. As many of you know yoga is great for a variety of reasons, improving flexibility, decreasing stress, and increasing muscle strength. However, did you know that yoga can also improve your sex life? By stimulating your second chakra, the sacral chakra, you increase the blood flow in your genital region which can significantly enhance sexual encounters. This chakra also enables you to open yourself up to true pleasure and liberates you to explore your creativity and desire to experience new adventures.

Additionally, studies have shown when individuals have higher levels of stress their sexual desire tends to decrease. Therefore by establishing a consistent yoga practice and decreasing your cortisol levels you will in turn increase your libido. A regular yoga practice can also improve your body control and awareness which will allow you better to explore aspects of yourself and your partner during sex.

In understanding all these aspects of the physical and metaphysical components of yoga, these five postures will increase your hip flexibility, decrease stress, and lead to an all-around better sex life.

Feel free to grab a yoga mat, blanket, or towel to dive into the following postures.

Note: Hold each for 30-60 seconds.

Cat/Cow Pose

Cat pose

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For our first stretch, cat pose and cow pose will be performed together. Start with cat pose by getting into a tabletop position, pressing into your mat, drawing your chin to your chest, and rounding your shoulders.

Cow pose

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Then move into cow pose by continuing to press your hands down, look up to the ceiling, press your collarbone forward, and pull your shoulders back.

Continue to flow between cat and cow pose for 30-60 seconds.

Camel Pose

Camel pose

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For camel pose, stand on your knees, bring them to hip distance, place your palms on the small of your back, and look up to the ceiling. Begin to take your gaze back, press your chest up to the ceiling, and your hips forward to the front of your mat.

You can also bring your hands to your heels as long as your hips remain stacked over your knees.

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose

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Butterfly pose is a classic hip-opening stretch. In order to do it, come to a seat on your mat, bring the soles of your feet together, press your knees towards the mat, and fold forward.

Seated Straddle Pose

Seated straddle pose

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For the seated straddle pose, come to a seat, and spread your legs the width of your mat (or as far as you can without bending your knees). Then, fold forward and extend your hands away from the mat.

Happy Baby Pose

Happy baby pose

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Happy baby pose is great for relaxation in addition to being a variation for the missionary sex position. To do it, lie on your back, bring your knees to your chest, grab for the outside of your feet, bring your knees to the outside of your ribs, and press your feet up to the ceiling. Once settled, press your heels up and flex your toes down.

Use your hands to pull down and ensure your entire spine, including your lower back is on the ground. If your lower back is off the ground, grab for behind your knees instead of the soles of your feet. You also have the option to straighten your legs.

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