Tracee Ellis Ross Wrote A Book Teaching Men How To Not Sexually Assault Women & It's Everything
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Tracee Ellis Ross Wrote A Book Teaching Men How To Not Sexually Assault Women & It's Everything

“Let's start with the fact that it isn't a sex scandal. It isn't a Hollywood scandal. It isn't even a scandal. It is a systemic problem about the abuse of power that takes place across all industries."

Tracee Ellis Ross has a word for men who don't know how to act. The Black-ish star graced The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night and addressed the influx of sexual harassment cases that have been circulating in the news whilst simultaneously giving men the scoop on what not to do with their hands. (Or their junk.)

“Treating another human being with respect isn't complicated but it seems confusing for a lot of men out there," Tracee said as she introduced her "children's book for men" titled, The Handsy Man.

Passages from the book, read like something between Langston Hughes and Dr. Seuss, and included instructions for men who seem a bit confused about the concept of consent these days:

You may not compliment my butt

You may not call me "ho" or "slut"

And even if you're stoned or drunk

Do not expose me to your junk

And if I am your employee

don't rest your hand upon my knee

No, I won't sit on your lap

I shouldn't have to say this crap

It seems as if there's a lot of confused, Handsy Men out there not understanding the concept of what constitutes appropriate behavior. Unfortunately, it took me a long time to understand that it is okay for me to deny a man's creepy tendencies. As a young woman in the workforce, there is so much male authority surrounding us that we are manipulated to believe there is no such thing as saying “no," or even kindly denying platonic affection in the workplace.

Tracee's book is a reminder to men of what is appropriate and what is not, and an affirmation for women to stand in your power and be validated in your reasons for saying "no." If you aren't comfortable, that is more than enough reason for them to discontinue their behavior.

So Handsy Man, if you're still confused

whether your behavior will be excused

I'll say it clearly, nice and slow

If she doesn't consent - the answer is NO.

I hope that the not-so-subtle subtleties of Tracee's book shed some light on the climate of sexual assault that is happening across all industries.

Pour me up a glass of male tears to drinketh, and make your hands useful, Handsy Man.

Watch Tracee read from passages of the book below:

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