Tiffany Haddish Gets Real About Soul Ties & So Should We

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Tiffany Haddish recently took to Instagram to post an, um, aggressive depiction of what happens when you invite the wrong man, or devil, into your bedroom.

Never one to bite her tongue, the 38-year-old comedian let all her former and potential soul ties know, step all the way off:

Tiffany Haddish/Instagram

She captioned the image by saying:

"This why I am not married anymore. I refuse to allow someone to drain the life out of me. I can do that myself. I will wait for God to send me the one that recharges me. Thank You very much. Until then GO Away Satan in the name of Jesus.!!!!"

The Girls Trip breakout star has previously opened up about her tumultuous upbringing and volatile past marriage. With this new revelation—whether it was in jest or not—it seems like Haddish is ready to save herself for Mr. Right since she herself has experienced the draining of energy associated with toxic relationships. But why does this happen? Why does it seem like men can have as many partners as they want while remaining seemingly unaffected but women are left to carry the emotional brunt of negative soul ties?


Most of my female friends would concur: once we let you in, we let you IN.

When I got divorced, I thought that I would finally have the chance to "sow my oats" after a 13-year relationship, but instead, I quickly realized that matters of the heart quickly complicate any potential of being a maneater. I would try to keep my feelings at bay, but I couldn't quite escape the regret of knowing that I settled for a physical relationship that didn't come with a fulfilling emotional and spiritual connection as well.

Energy never lies.


As women, we are given intuition for a reason. Intuition is our energy and bullsh*t meter, and if we decide to go against this superpower, we usually end up regretting it. So many times we might fall in love with his "potential" before we even take the time to decipher whether it's potential we see or if we've just slipped on our rose-colored glasses. When we ignore the signs, the red flags and the low-vibrating auras, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and a new, negative soul tie.

The concept of soul ties definitely has biblical origins, but if you delve further, in a more metaphysical way, you can decide for yourself whether or not this concept is real. If you believe that we are souls made of energy, or if you've ever gotten "bad vibes" from someone, then the concept of a soul tie shouldn't be so far fetched. And while a lot of this has yet to have any verifiable scientific proof to back it up, there is still some science behind it all. Enter dopamine.


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers. Basically, anytime you experience pleasure or receive a rewarding experience, dopamine is released in the brain.

It is released when we eat our favorite foods, think about an amazing experience, or when we are simply enjoying anything that brings us pleasure. And what could be more pleasurable than sex? While dopamine isn't the only factor at play, anyone that has had sex knows that the act is a binding exchange of energy that affects us long after we've kissed the other person goodbye.

That's why it really is so important to be aware of not only the energy we are attracting, but of the energy we allow to linger around us. I don't necessarily agree with the idea that you only attract what you are. I believe that there are people who are attracted to you because of the energy you exude, and these people can reciprocate in either a restorative or a draining way. Especially when it comes to sex. It would behoove us to really figure out what type of person we're truly dealing with, EMOTIONALLY.


I've compromised my own intuition too many times by looking at surface level things like his looks, his job, if he made me feel sexy, what type of car he drives, or if he was a good dresser: materialistic and immature, I know. Now I want to know: are your chakras aligned? Have you dealt with past childhood trauma? What are you doing now to cope with your emotions? You know, grown folks' talk.

I look forward to the day where an emotional, spiritual, and physical relationship are all aligned with my highest good. I've learned many lessons during my nearly three years of singledom, but mainly I've learned that it's okay to wait for Mr. Right. It's okay to date casually while keeping the sex at bay. I also think it's okay to have sex when you're ready, but you also have to be ready to deal with what it would feel like if that relationship were to end: will there be anything left for you energetically?

I'll be ready next time, and in the meantime, I'll be working on cutting those negative souls ties for good so that they don't affect my love life moving forward.

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