Tamar Braxton Says Men Shouldn’t Propose If They Aren’t Ready To Get Married Immediately
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Tamar Braxton Says Men Shouldn’t Propose If They Aren’t Ready To Get Married Immediately

Some engagements last a lifetime, while others can last less than a month. Both aren’t any of our business, but it is an interesting topic: what is a good timeline for engagement?

Well, this depends on who you ask.

Recently, Tamar Braxton was a guest host on the syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club alongside DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God. When discussing daily topics, the hosts got on the subject of proposing, and the pending timeline of when the marriage should take place afterward. Envy and Charlamagne each agreed that the answer isn't definitive, but Tamar made it clear very quickly that when it comes to time, sis does not have it.

When asked if her opinion formed because a person she dated in the past took too long to get to the altar, Tamar quipped:

“No, you don’t have that long with me. Listen, this table is a reserved table, people want to sit at this table, okay, you can’t hold up this table that long.”

The words must have gone from her lips to the universe’s ears because soon after, the news broke that the Grammy nominee was engaged to her "best friend, life partner, and fiancé," Jeremy "JR" Robinson, who she recently brought in her 46th birthday with (and a bit more drama).

"Happy birthday to an amazing woman. It's just the beginning of your birthday, but we're gonna have fun in New York and Miami, and Atlanta. Here's to 46. Let the fun begin," Robinson says in the post.

Tamar got engaged to her Queens Court finalist in the Peacock dating show's final episode.

"I knew I was different than my siblings," Braxton told Robinson in the episode. "I prayed for somebody to understand me and not look at me and my flaws and just accept me for who I am. And then I met you. And then I saw every single thing that I ever prayed for as a child."

Robinson proposed to Braxton on the season’s finale, saying, “I don’t wanna be your friend. I wanna be your husband. I’m here forever because I don’t see my life without you. And I love you, Tamar. Tamar, will you marry me?” to which she accepted. An update at the end of the episode confirmed that the two have been planning their wedding, which stands true to what she preached as a guest host.

And she even threw a few hints of her new love into the mix when asked if she wanted to have more kids at The Breakfast Club too.

“I did. I just believe in having kids in a different kind of way, like I’m into blended families now. I feel like I can offer a child a different kind of love, you know, so I don’t necessarily have to birth another child for that child to feel like my own.”

JR has kids with four different women. One of those women recently had a few shady thangs to say about the couple, to which both he and Tamar shut down with class.

In the end, Tamar just wants the ladies to stop allowing men to prolong the relationship with stalling tactics steeped in engagements:

“You’ve got to love yourself [enough] to move on. If you’re not ready to get married, just date. The clock starts now. If you’re engaged, we are in the planning of our life. So, if you’re not into planning our life, then don’t ask her.”

You better say that.

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