Should Men Be Required To Follow These 6 Proposal Rules?

Should Men Be Required To Follow These 6 Proposal Rules?

If you were to ask a millennial woman how she would like for her proposal to go, the answers would probably vary from a small intimate affair with no spectators, to a big blown out half-time show proposal that goes viral.

In this day and age where your next move could make you a social media sensation, the anty has been upped for men to put their best foot forward when asking for a woman's hand in marriage, but according to a meme that has been circulating, most women don't need a lot. They would just like for their man to follow these 6 rules:

With more than 49k pins on Pinterest, the 6 Proposal Rules has taken on a life of its own. But should women hold men to all six rules?

When my Mr. Right decides to pop the question, I don't necessarily have any rules, but I do have one requirement, which is he has to ask my parents for their blessings. If he is the right man for me and the one I will spend my life with, I believe the least he can do is give my parents the respect of giving their blessing.

We decided to ask a few readers what they thought about the idea of Proposal Rules and here are their thoughts:

I Love It!

“I love the popular post going around regarding proposal rules. When the subject of getting married became a reoccurring discussion for us, I shared the rules with my then-boyfriend. He knew I'd like him to get on one knee and to capture it on camera. He thought it would be nice for it to be a surprise and figured I'd want him to ask my parents for their blessing. He didn't realize it was important to me for him to say my full name or that my nails were done (or better yet not a mess lol). So, I was glad that we discussed these rules! And when the time came, he made every effort to make sure that all of these things were checked off or in place for our special moment. Did I mention he proposed to me while I was vacationing with girlfriends in Spain?"

BreAnna D., @Breesfootprints

“I like the idea but I don't want an audience. Just us, simple and intimate. I definitely want my nails done because I want a lot of pictures of that ring on my left ring finger. This is definitely not a bad idea."

Antoinette W., @iammstoni

Don't Need It!

“My then-fiancé did not need to get approval from my family because they already approved of him upon introduction. Complete surprise? No. I knew he was my husband within 60 days. I was very aware it was coming, so when he proposed, I was not surprised at all. He didn't use my name at all, and I didn't care. He spoke in his own voice and that's what I fell in love with anyway. He didn't get on any knee and it wasn't caught on camera because it was just us two. We're an intimate couple. We savor special moments and memories. The last damn thing he was worried about was what my hands looked like. It was more about my heart, and our commitment."

Joanae K., @naetorious

“I used to think that all of those rules had to be followed for a proper engagement. My husband did none of them. My nails weren't done, he didn't ask my dad, didn't get down on one knee—none of the 'traditional' stuff. He actually waited until I was getting ready for bed and said, 'Well, I might as well give this to you now.' Then, (he) rolled over and went to sleep. We've been insanely and happily married for five years. I certainly would have preferred something flashier and more traditional, but I learned that this was his gift to me. He did what he was comfortable with and having a healthy, lasting relationship is much more important that the presentation of the ring!"

Katherine S., @beyoked

“The tradition of asking the family for a person's hand in marriage means a lot to the bride. The fiancé taking the time to include the family, receive blessings, and ask for support is a total thumbs up. A proposal is always a surprise, even if she knows it, it should just be genuine. Speaking her full name is so not necessary unless that is how you talk to her normally. A proposal is an extremely intimate moment shared between the two of you, or intimate family and friends. Don't feel the need to hire photogs. I'm all for a fresh mani! I unfortunately had cracked, dark green polish, but my bling was still brilliant!"

Renee B., @Wiithyu

I Hate It!

“This is so ridiculous and a reason so many women can't be happy with what they have. Why have a laundry list of things a man must do to propose? Why is it HIS job to make sure YOUR nails are done? So, if he doesn't do these things he doesn't love you? Ugh. This is pedantic behavior at its finest."

Roni C., @RoniTheTravelGuru

“I do not agree with all of the rules! I am not big on traditions and I want the moment to be special for us as a pair. I have learned having too many people involved can be a disaster. I am not willing to risk that moment for tradition or to make others happy. However, as a girly girl millennial, I do want my nails done though. *hair flip* Lol."

Jaynay J., @jaynaychanel

What are your thoughts on the 6 Rule Proposal? Do you have rules of your own? Would these rules be a must for you? Be sure to share your thoughts with us. Let's talk!

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