Megan Thee Stallion Dropped Her Fire New Album & Here's What You Need To Know
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Megan Thee Stallion Dropped Her Fire New Album & Here's What You Need To Know

If you haven't heard of Megan Thee Stallion, it's time to grab some stirrups and hop on the bandwagon before it's too late, because judging from the internet's reaction to her new album, Fever, it's gonna be a long ride and a hot summer for this sex-positive female rapper.

Megan Pete began writing raps at the age of 14 and ultimately went viral after participating in a cypher at her former HBCU, Prairie View A&M. Although at the time, Meagan was studying to earn a degree in Health Administration, God had other plans.

By 2016, the H-Tine hottie had expanded her fanbase and signed her first record deal, but it wasn't until 2019 when she re-released her slept-on hit 2018 single, "Big Ole Freak", that the world finally started to realize that the now 24-year-old lyricist would be a force to be reckoned with.

Since then, Megan has earned widespread acclaim from industry legends like Drake, Trina, and Juicy J., and her new album has now made it to the No. 3 spot on the iTunes hip/hop rap albums chart, and the top 10 in all genres. From the looks of it, this big ole freak isn't letting up on her hustle anytime soon and in honor of her first major debut album, here are a few fast facts you should know about Megan Thee Stallion.

Big Ole H-Tine Hottie

Houston, are y'all putting something in the water? Because with hotties like Beyoncé and Meagan coming out of the city and taking over the industry, I might just have to make a move.

Megan Thee Stallion was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Her alternate alias, Tina Snow, was derived from late Southern rap legend and fellow Houston native, Pimp C, who called himself Tony Snow, and she puts on for her city every chance she gets. Last night for her album release, she took Fever back to her hometown and set the city on fire. The rapper turned a local club into the "Hottie Ranch", complete with a white horse and a stallion on top.

She Get It From Her Mama

Megan's mom, Holly Thomas, died from a brain tumor only a month before her album release and was also a hardcore rapper who went by the name Holly-Wood. Instead of taking a young Megan to daycare, Holly would bring Megan to her recording sessions and the would-be rapper fell in love with the craft. She told ESSENCE:

"I knew I wanted to be a rapper when I was, like, 5. My mom was a rapper. I would go to the studio with her, and that definitely showed me I can do this, I wanna do this. I remember my first time ever listening to rappers like Pimp C and Biggie, and being like, 'All this would sound super cool if a girl was saying it,' so I gotta go do this."

Late and early mornings in the studio with her mom ultimately inspired Megan to start writing her own raps at 14. Although Holly initially felt that Megan's writing was a little too suggestive, she eventually saw that the young lyricist had genuine talent. When Megan launched own music career, her mom was by her side every step of the way, acting as both her manager and her BFF until she passed. The rapper told Billboard that she copes with her mom's death through prayer.

"I definitely have to pray and spend a lot of time by myself when I can. Sometimes, when you're doing too much, things get overwhelming. So I just have to calm myself down and think, 'What would my mama want me to do?'"

Schoolgirl Meg

Megan is adamant about the power of education in her raps and was actually discovered at an HBCU. After taking a break from school to pursue her music career, Megan returned to pursue her degree and is currently a junior at Texas Southern University where she's continuing her education in health administration. She toldRefinery29:

"I went through too much with school to just go ahead and forget it because I got this deal. No. It's been too long to just drop out now."

Inspired by her mother's untimely death as a result of brain cancer, Megan has plans to one day open up assisted-living facilities in her hometown. She explained:

"I really want to open up some assisted-living facilities in Houston. So when I get done with college and everything, I'll have… made so much money from my music, I will be able to pay for what I really wanna open up,"

A Stallion IRL

To every woman who has ever felt uncomfortable for being tall, thick, and eye-catching, Hot Girl Meg is here to remind the world that being a sexy Amazonian princess has always been a thing.

Standing 5'10'' with all curves and no breaks, Megan The Stallion is a big fine woman in real life who doesn't care if rocking a pair of heels intimidates you.

During a since-deleted video with DJ Smallz, Megan was asked if she's "always had this body" and the internet clapped back in a major way. Although many felt that his question was inappropriate and totally out of line, Megan doesn't sweat the small sh*t. She said:

"I'm a pretty open person, and very little can embarrass me. So him asking me about my body is not something that is a surprise. It's been happening all my life. I've been like this, like, forever."
"I didn't get offended. Like, if the whole interview was that, I would've been like, 'I'm getting out of here,' you know? But I wasn't offended. I don't let stuff like that get to me."

She's All About Sex (Positive) Talk

Thanks to social media, Megan has been able to use her platform to promote positivity. Whether it comes to your body, sexuality, or even how you react to others, the rapper has been intentional about changing the narrative when it comes to women's bodies and their sexualities. Hot Girl Meg is on a mission to grab the rap industry by the balls and remind men that, despite the misogynistic political overtones that exist in this country, women can be sex-positive and still have full agencies over their bodies.

Ultimately, Megan's goal is to encourage women to do whatever TF they want to do. Whether that comes to your body, sexuality, career, or lifestyle choices, Megan encourages every woman to fully realize the hottie inside of them and live their best lives.

"Like, [I'm] not gonna say, 'Get out here and do everything I'm talking about.' But you get the message of the songs: Be confident; don't let a man try to run your life. You run his life. Do you know what I'm saying? Just be free; that's just really what I like to support. Get your degree if you want to. I'm not saying you got to, but I'm just saying, like, it'd be a good idea to do that."

No Rap Beef

If you're ever waiting on some petty rap beef to emerge between Megan and another female rapper, keep waiting. It won't happen. In an interview, she explained that although women are competitive by nature, she wants to set an example for other women that there's room at the top for all of us.

"I feel like since, like, forever, it has only been, like, one female rapper at a time. And naturally, women are competitive. So I feel like, without beef, hip-hop probably wouldn't even be what it is, so it's good to have, like, a little friendly competition here and there. I feel like eventually, we'll all realize that we're not trying to cross into each other's lane. Just because we might be rapping about some of the same things, we're not doing it in the same way. There's enough room for all of us to eat. So as soon as we can get that together, then we'll be all right."

You can check out Megan's new album on Spotify and iTunes!

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