Jhene Aiko Puts Us On How To Avoid Makeup-Related Breakouts For Good

The beauty secret that will keep your sebum-related sadness away.

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I'm thoroughly convinced that Jhené Aiko is a legit vampire. Thanks to a combination of Fraxel treatments, her vegan lifestyle and birth control, Jhene's skin is always on glow, and recently, she spilled another beauty secret that will keep your sebum-related sadness away. According to Jhené, the key to avoiding a breakout in any weather is to keep your blotting paper on deck.

"It's been hot right now in LA, so with that daytime makeup, you've got to make sure you have your blotting papers on you. Because if you just let it sit and it gets oily, then that sits on your face, that's going to turn into a bump. So I personally always have to have blotting paper."

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Jhene recently announced that she will be the new face of Kat Von D's latest foundation, which she says feels like vegan silk. Although it's usually hard for the 31-year-old singer to find products that work for her, she says that the Vegan Lightweight Medium Foundation is her new favorite.

"I am glad to be able to represent for women of color and especially with these brands. I'm super into skincare so I really appreciate when I find products that really work for me and that I can use consistently. I'm just excited to do more and more because I feel like beauty comes from the inside, shines through on the outside. And I think that loving yourself really shows up on your skin."

The "Triggered" singer had been candid about her lifelong struggle with acne and the remedies she uses to get her skin all the way together, and she explained that in the past, she didn't hesitate to use some pretty unconventional methods to hide her acne that eventually became pretty trendy:

"I think I had my first breakout when I was in the sixth grade and I tried to cover it up with star stickers all over my face. And I would get in trouble by my math teacher who would tell me to take them off. Now I'm sure the kids are running around with tattoos on their face, so whatever. I forgive her. But from that point on I just started trying to find what works for my skin, for my breakouts."

Along with blotting paper and making sure to choose the right products, Jhené says that the most important part of creating an effective skincare routine is making sure you take your makeup off every damn night:

"And just for sure, wash your face. Wash that makeup off as soon as you can; it's a big one. Because if you leave makeup on, like three days later you'll have a big bump coming up."

To read Jhene's full interview, click here!

Featured image via Instagram/@JheneAiko.

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