Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Our #xoMan Shoot With INSECURE's Jay Ellis

Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Our #xoMan Shoot With INSECURE's Jay Ellis

Ready.. Set.. XO(Man!) This week we kick off the debut of of our version of "Man Crush Mondays," exclusively entitled "xoMan." The new feature puts a spotlight on men who are more than just eye candy, but who also strive to be the difference in the world through career achievements, community outreach, and more.

Recently we had the chance to spend the day with handsome Jay Ellis of "The Game" fame, who is currently playing Lawrence, Issa Rae's boyfriend in the HBO series, "Insecure."

Directed by Jasmine Waters (aka Jas Fly), the shoot took place in L.A. and was sure to include a wide range of looks courtesy of stylist Ugo Mozie, who helped captured the actor's style, which from the looks of it, is somewhere between GQ and casual (although our personal favorite is "shirtless!") Photographer Ashley Nguyen was also on set, helping to create some amazingly, unique moments, including a rural barn-inspired loft and impromptu snaps of Jay in a vintage bathtub.

In the interview, we learned that Jay is so much more than a 6'2 frame and a cute smile (although that helps too- whew!)

Click Here To Read Jay's Exclusive #xoMan Interview with xoNecole!

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