Chic Office Inspo That Celebrates Color And Culture
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Chic Office Inspo That Celebrates Color And Culture

Oftentimes, my creative juices flow much more freely in an office that gives the vibes. As a creative, that means anything but sterile cubicle walls, bland nudes, or spaces that just don't scream vibrant invention and individuality. I like to be inspired to do more and to elevate my thoughts in any workspace, so infusing color and culture is a must.

I often look to Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration when it's time to refresh my workspace, and I just love seeing the manifestation of professionals' auras, accomplishments, and tastes all reflected in their office spaces. Here are a few that I find intriguing, enlightening, and inspiring that I hope will inspire you as well:

Desk DIY

Fashion designer Andrea Pitter shared a DIY that I loved watching simply because it looked like something that might be sold by CB2 or any other luxury brand. And I love a good look-for-less project for home decor. This one offers a way to have a desk that's not the traditional option yet functional (and affordable) enough to get the unique look I prefer for office decor. And the fact that she did this with her partner---something else I'm a huge fan of since I'm always stressing my bae out to do the heavy lifting and assembly myself--is a plus. I literally have a meltdown when I see too many parts and screws, so having a partner to help is definitely something I can relate to.

The Color Purple

For this room, Shavonda Gardner of SG Style incorporated several decor favorites of mine: the color purple, a neon sign, and texture. All three of these elements exist in my home, and the office space would be no exception. If you're not wowed by that trifecta alone, watching her paint and put the whole look together can be soothing in and of itself.

Neutral Meets Bold

Taking a black-and-cream color theme up a notch is always a win for me, someone who absolutely cringe at all-neutral choices for home decor. This hits different. Between the natural elements (that seagrass wall decor is everything) the art deco wallpaper, the marbled table, and the use of the fur throw, I'm literally in love. The space, created by Dominique Calhoun of Remix Living, is how neutrals are done right, evoking feelings of wanting to level up and embrace the bold, luxe spirit of blacks, greens, and golds.

Pretty in Pink

This is a subdued but well-done space that incorporates muted tones that make me feel a sense of calm and safety. The simplicity and just-right tones of natural wood, khaki, white, yellow, and champagne pink ensure you won't have too many distractions when doing your work but you won't be bored to death with walls that scream nursery or nursing home.

Morning Blues

This room does something I find refreshing: It realistically reflects an everyday aesthetic that mixes fantasy with real life. While the dark blue hue gives the room a dreamy writer's mood and the printed rug along with the complimentary planter and vases accent the room well, there's still an ergonomic chair that puts any of those popular cute little seating options we all see in many popular interior decor photos to shame. As someone who sits and stares at a screen for most of my work day, I've gone through a half dozen of those aesthetically pleasing seats, all either too small, too low, or lacking the back and knee support that a real-deal office chair provides.

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