6 Life Hacks To Feel Like Money While You Save It

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Just admit it, it's hard to be Bad and Boujee when your credit score is just bad. After the hair and nail appointments, frequent travel trips, and falling for yet another dinner invite, saving money can seem like a slow death impossible.

When I decided to tackle my debt in 2016, I went cold turkey and gave up everything. I wanted to keep some "boujee" activities from my lifestyle but I was terrified that it would lead me back into the stress of missed payments and paycheck to paycheck living. So, in order to get the bag and keep it, I closed up shop. I knew that this decision would change my future life and my one-day family. It felt worth it.

Although I began to work tirelessly on paying down my massive student loan debt, I started to miss being able to have fun.

I didn't want anything to get in the way of my goal yet what I found was that there were plenty of ways to still live life in your 20s while saving money. It may take some creativity, but keeping coins is a powerful step toward defining your wealth.

They key is loving the journey along the way. So here are six ways to still walk it like you talk it and flex on 'em right now:

Nail DIY: Press-Ons

Please don't sleep on the press-ons. The average costs of a basic manicure ranges at about $20-$35 and that doesn't include pedicures, acrylics, and design fees. Lately, I've found a way around that with press-on nails. These little heaven-sents can last for up to two weeks without the damaging effects of gel or acrylic on your nail bed. Most sets can be found at stores like Target and Walmart and can start at $7. It's a good way to still look put together without dropping hundreds each month on a touch up.

Live the VIP Club Life

I live in Las Vegas and I always see thousands of people drop money on clubs to experience the nightlife. One hack I learned is to find a party promoter and get on their guest list (this can work no matter where you are). It can easily be done by going on Instagram and hashtagging the club. For example, if you want to attend Drais in Las Vegas, hashtag #draislv. If you look through the hashtag, there are hundreds of promoters that list flyers and contact numbers for guest lists. Just make sure that your crew consists of mostly girls and you are in that thang for free.

Small Plates Only, Please

There are so many amazing restaurants around, but they are often way out of what we can afford. To not miss out on the experience, try going to a nice restaurant and sampling appetizers or desserts with friends. If you split the bill, this will cost way less than spending money on a dinner on your own and you get to try a variety of dishes.

Shop Til You Drop...On Holidays

Stores are always having holiday sales and luckily, they come every few months. If there is a big event coming up or you just need a new outfit, wait it out until a holiday and then shop. Stores (especially online) have so many great holiday deals and it's a good way to stack up on cute items without blowing the bank on a daily.

Makeup Samples

Makeup is my weakness and if you're like me, YouTube beauty tutorials constantly leave me itching to try products. I noticed that makeup stores like Sephora or ULTA have sample sizes of very popular yet expensive makeup lines such as Smashbox. Try buying the samples instead of paying full price, which is usually a large difference. It allows you to try the product to see if you like it and if you don't wear makeup all the time, it will usually last you a long time.

Boujee on a budget is possible. Try some of these tips and you will still feel like a baddie while securing the bag!

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