The 'Black Panther' Premiere Had Theaters Sprinkled With 'Coming To America' Realness
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The 'Black Panther' Premiere Had Theaters Sprinkled With 'Coming To America' Realness

When it came to last night's Black Panther movie release, black people didn't just do it for the 'gram, they did it for the culture.

Today, Marvel's Black Panther officially hits theaters, but all this week, select guests and fans alike had the pleasure of taking in advanced screenings and of course, last night's late show.

Since the release of the official trailer back in fall, as promised, the Black Twitter conglomerate was sure to dress in their finest African-inspired attire and pop culture cosplay (Coming to America was clearly the popular costume choice!).

Check out some of our favorite looks below:

1. Yvonne Orji ("All Black Attack")

Pow, tadow, watch out now! Nigerian-American actress Yvonne Orji put the "war" in wardrobe in this all black fit, equipped with a high heels and a high kick. You can tell she was ready!

2. June Ambrose (Couture Come-Thru)

So fur real! Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose is where couture and culture meets with this royal look equipped with detailed fur. Fancy!

3. Cosplay Slay — Get into These Lion Kings

Oh, you thought the Black Panther royal slayage was limited to just women? Nope— the men came out to play too, equipped with faux lion fur and all. The popular Coming to America characters of choice to impersonate where none-other-than King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones) and Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy).

4. Prince Akeem and His Team with the Royal Flyness

We repeat, the men did not come to play on this unofficial holiday known as the Black Panther movie premiere. This attendee also tapped into Coming to America for style inspiration, and came equipped with rose-bearers and all.

5. Walking to Wakanda

#SquadGoals and #StrollGoals! Talk about stepping up your game. This group of friends were spotted at the Magic Johnson theatre in Harlem, New York and did not merely walk into the theatre, they strutted in for the win.

6. Vintage Black Panther

Sometimes less is more — and that's definitely the case with this fashion statement. This movie-goer may have opted out of rocking elaborate Afrocentric attire, but he embodied this classic "Black Panther Party" activist look, and channelled his inner Huey P. Newton by accessorizing with a power fist and beret. Power to the people.. and the panther!

7. Real Queens Wear Crowns #IssaWrap

On top of the bomb clothing choices of fans, we lived for the girlies who rocked multiple head wraps and pieces to the premiere, including this movie-goer, who flawlessly matched hers with her outfit.

8. Royal Crown Showdown

Get you a friend who will hold your veil, train, cape thingy whatever! This movie-goer gave us all types of "Black Female Superhero" goals with this one!

9. Going Hard in the Paint

This woman was sure to go beyond a winged liner, and slayed her beat face with some tribal-inspired accents added to her makeup look. Get into the dress, wrap and accent fur though. Yes!

10. Sista-Sista

Double the dopeness! When you and your bestie link up to slay Black Panther. Go off ladies.

11. It's a Black Panther... Party!

I mean, people not only made statements with their fashion, but they were sure to make a statement with their actions too. Check out this amazing entrance up the steps to their seats. We live!!

It's safe to say that last night, theaters were head to toe, wall to wall #BlackFolkMagic, and the numbers proved it. Not only did Black Panther bring in over $25 million opening night, it's slated to rake in an outstanding $180 million to $200 million this weekend alone, putting it on track to be one of the highest grossing Marvel films in history.

However, Black Panther is more than a movie, it's a movement. Thanks to director Ryan Coogler, Black Panther is made by us and is for us, and couldn't have come at a better time, given the current climate of our community and country.

Whether it's the news or social media, we are constantly seeing Black people fall victim to police brutality, gun violence, and the injustice that follows even after our deaths. In a time when we feel dispensable and invisible, it's important we're portrayed as invincible.

For once, we are not the victims, but the victors.

And while one might argue that Black Panther is, in the end, merely a fictional superhero flick, the sense of inspiration and hope it provides to its viewers, is all too real.

So yes, get dressed in your very best and go see Black Panther for both the customs, and the culture. #ForeverWakanda




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