Blac Chyna Says Her Cosmetic Surgeries Didn't Represent Who She Was 'Internally'
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Blac Chyna Says Her Cosmetic Surgeries Didn't Represent Who She Was 'Internally'

Blac Chyna is back with a new update on her cosmetic transformation, except now her current focus is to have her inner beauty match her outward glow.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the model and mother, whose real name is Angela White, shed light on her decision to reverse her past cosmetic surgeries, sharing how those procedures no longer align with her true self “internally.”

"You have to think about it like this... I could look at you and make any assumption right until you start speaking to me. So my thing is before you even start talking to me or give me a chance, I want you to see, 'Okay, this is a well-rounded woman,'" she told ET. "Not with these types of boobs and a big butt and the big lips. It put me in this category when that's really not who I am internally."

Since early March, the former reality TV star had undergone a number of procedures to dissolve her lip and facial fillers, have a butt reduction, and remove her breast implants. Her controversial tattoos and trendy facial piercings were also among the cosmetic enhancements to be reserved in the process, which she acknowledges “was always something to set a trend."

“Even from my cheek piercings that I had, all the girls went and got that. I used to have the super low bangs, all the girls loved that," she said. "The tattoos and this and that, and it's like one of those things to where it's like, 'Hey, look at me. Once you get to that 'Hey look at me' point, it's like, 'What then?'"

While she shares that there is “no way possible” for her to have all of her body art reversed, undergoing laser tattoo removal has been a painful yet satisfying process to align her with the right energy. “It's just one specific tattoo that I wanted to remove. I'm getting it removed, and I will tell you this, it stings very, very, very bad, but it's fast. It was definitely something personal," she says. "I felt as though it was attracting the wrong energy on me."

As a trend-setting and pioneering influencer of the early 2010s until now, White emphasizes the importance of being perceived as a well-rounded person beyond just physical attributes and notes that her physical transformation sparked spiritual and emotional growth in her life.“My house is clean, and you know what I mean by clean, it’s not like a lot of different people around. I’m more calm, I’m way more calm,” she says. “I feel like my spirit is way more sensitive. I find myself way more emotional than normal, and if I see something I kind of really look at it from another view.”

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