7 Memoirs That Will Motivate You To Live Your Best Life
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7 Memoirs That Will Motivate You To Live Your Best Life

While novels take the cake for imagination, sensation, and drama, there's nothing like a great memoir or autobiography that gives an unexplainable inspiration and helps us believe anything is possible.

One of the things I've loved about reading biographies is that I feel like I've gotten to know one of my faves and her story. A lot of times we never know what someone went through before they got to the platform we see them on now. We know it's possible to go from foster care to hosting award shows, or from an overlooked Black girl to being the first African American FLOTUS. And while that's crazy motivating, to read that they experienced racism, disappointments, not being taken seriously, and being left out of countless men's clubs along the way, has me feeling like I have no excuse not to follow my dreams.

Check out our picks in autobiographies and memoirs below to spark inspiration in you to lead your best life:

“This Is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare” by Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey embodies all things self-confidence and self-love without any apologies, and I am here for it. But even though she has this intriguing confidence now, anyone who has followed her story knows that it wasn't always like this. She has suffered with depression, accepting her body image (you can almost feel her pain in the line where she says she wishes the world would see her the way she sees herself), broken friendships, and of course, social media trolls. And yet, she somehow manages to march to the beat of her own drum and inspires everyone who hears it; especially those who feel they don't fit in.

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