Join Us For xoNecole's ElevateHer Sessions This Sunday
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Join Us For xoNecole's ElevateHer Sessions This Sunday

For those of you that joined us at our inaugural #ElevateHer event in Atlanta, you already know the vibes. In 2019, we brought over 1,000 women of color and girl bosses together in Atlanta for a day of fireside chats, transformative panel discussions, and a curated selection of our favorite women-owned brands for the inaugural ElevateHer Crawl, and this year we are bringing that same energy!

This time we're back with ElevateHer Sessions— a virtual Sunday brunch series for fearless womenpreneurs who love to talk business over music and mimosas. Join us for two-hour boss talks with industry leaders dishing the real truth about how they're pivoting their businesses and building for the future, and what you can do to model their moves.

Plus, meet a network of dope women from various industries around the country who may be just what you need for future projects and partnerships. This is one epic brunch series that will take your business— and your bellinis— to a new level.


This Sunday will feature xoNecole founder Necole Kane in conversation with Vanity Group CEO Karleen Roy. Find out how she went from being Diddy's executive assistant to starting her own company and becoming one of the most sought-after event planning and production companies in the industry. Plus, how is she pivoting her brand to fit our new normal.

Ticket includes:

  • Sounds by our house DJ of the week
  • Insight from a few small business owners on how they are pivoting through the pandemic
  • A raw conversation about how Karleen Roy, founder of The Vanity Group is maintaining a boss mentality and mastering her mindset through Quarantine.
  • A Q&A intimate mentoring session for attendees
  • Speed networking where you can meet other liked-minded women (come camera-ready!)
  • A post-event what I need/what I offer contact list of opt-in attendees will be sent to each attendee so that you can keep in touch for future partnerships and collaborations.

Click here to grab your ticket.

P.S. Tell a friend! See you soon!

Exclusive: KJ Smith Talks Viral Wedding With Skyh Black: ‘We Did What We Wanted To Do’

Whether it was your group chat, social media feed, or your favorite media outlet covering the spectacle, I’m pretty sure you’ve come across the viral Black wedding between actress KJ Smith (Sistas, Raising Kanan) and actor Skyh Black (All the Queen’s Men, Sistas). From their grand entrance to Jay-Z, Kayne West, and Beyoncé’s song “Lift Off” to KJ’s standout dance routine and the endless celebrity appearances, it’s an addictive TikTok scroll you can’t help but delve into.

But what many people would be surprised to know is that the couple’s original wedding plan was nothing like what it grew to be. What started as her simply scrolling through posts to get ideas eventually transformed into what the internet knows now as #TheBlackExperience. In an exclusive conversation with xoNecole, KJ walked us through her planning process, the morning of her wedding, and what she thinks of the online response.

New Music Monday: SZA & Justin Bieber "Snooze" While Diddy & The Weeknd Drop "Another Side Of Me"

It seems reasonable to assume that new music will slow down in tempo to coincide with the fall season that quickly approaches. However, musicians, ever the unreasonable, are constantly showing us that they have different ideas. They have chosen to keep releasing club hits rather than slow tunes to get us ready for cuffing season, letting people know that while summer may be coming to an end, it may last as long as they want it to.