What are colder months without a poppin' berry lipstick?

Just as you equate Pumpkin Spice Lattes, chunky sweaters, and Uggs with fall and winter, you know that you can always count on your favorite berry-hued lipstick to get you through. For me, lipstick is a surefire way to look like you give a damn even when you don't. Luckily, as a Black woman, it's not as hard to find your desired berry shade as opposed to the struggle in the foundation department.

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It's sometimes the opposite because there are SO many options – from blackberry to cranberry to grape to beyond. The key is to find which berry is the most flattering on YOU. Berry shades are wildly versatile and make it that much more fun to explore the variety.

First, find out your undertone. Cosmopolitan says, "An easy way to see if you have cool or warm undertones is to ask yourself if you think silver or gold jewelry suits you best. If gold makes your skin look brighter, then it's likely you have warm, yellow undertones, whereas if silver makes you look fresher you probably have cool, pink undertones. If you can wear both – you're neutral."

While berries aren't as bright as the pinks you don in summer, you still need a certain level of confidence when rocking them. In this season, let your lips do the talking with subtle natural makeup and a beautiful berry lip. The #xoTribe has gathered to show you our favorite berry shades and how we rock them. Take a look and throw some in the bag while you're at it!

Joce Blake

Style Writer Joce Blake

My Lippie: E.L.F. Cosmetics Moisturizing Lipstick in Wine Tour, $3

"I like my berry lippie like I like my wine – deep red. E.L.F. is one my favorite beauty companies. This color makes me feel alluring and sultry because of its velvety, satin texture. It also provides a vibrant color and luminous shine. Another key in pulling off this color in this dry season is to give your lips some love by using a primer before painting it on."

Kandice Guice

Writer Kandice Guice

My Lippie: The Lip Bar in Prima Donna, $12.99

"I'm obsessed with the purple hue of this matte lipstick. It looks great on any skin tone and makes a statement every time it's worn."

Sheriden Chanel

Managing Editor Sheriden Chanel

My Lippie: Know It All by The Lip Bar, $13

"I'm not a big makeup wearer in general, but every now and then, I do get my fix fulfilled with lipstick. I think Know It All is perfect for me because it complements my skin. I naturally gravitate towards darker shades and even though it's a purple lippie, its brown undertones go very well with the deepness of my skin. I also love it because it makes a statement but is also understated, which is me to a T, a walking contradiction."

​Ashley J. Hobbs

Writer Ashley J. Hobbs

My Lippie: Milani Color Statement Matte Lipstick in Fearless 70, $4.19 & Jordana Lip Pencil in Coco Loco, $2.49

"It complements my skin tone well. I wanted a deeper berry shade with a blue undertone because other brighter berry colors don't flatter me as well."

Zoe Hunter

Writer Zoe Hunter

My Lippie: Wet N Wild Sugar Plum Fairy, $2.49 paired with Ulta Brilliant Color Lip Gloss Rich Plum, $7.99

"The combo is a perfect blend of a poppin' pink with subtle hints of purple and red. It's the bold berry color I'm looking for in the winter months, when I'm unable to go to the extreme of summer pinks and bright reds."

Shanelle Harris

Feature Writer Shanelle Harris

My Lippie: Tarte Cosmetics Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint , $20

"I'm obsessed with it because it's just the perfect darker red for me. The warmer undertones in it complement mine and I literally wear it almost every other day."

Krissy Lewis

Beauty Writer Krissy Lewis

My Lippie: MAC matte lipstick in the color "Sin" , $18

"I love this color and I think it matches so perfectly because it's a deep red with a little pop. I don't feel like it's too dark to the point that it blends in and sometimes it's hard for me to get a dark color that pops! I also love that I can do a glossy look with it to just by adding a a layer of lip gloss."

Lydia Lee

Career Writer Lydia Lee

My Lippie: Victoria's Secret Velvet Matte Creme Liquid Lip in Drama, $18

"I love wearing dark reds and plum shades during the winter months. It's my no-fail choice to add a pop of color to an outfit or take a look to the next level. I originally found this shade while digging through a bin during a Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale and now it's become one of my favorites."

Taylor Honore

Associate Editor Taylor Honore

My Lippie: Kareemah - Sabreen Cosmetics, $20

"It gives me a warm and sultry look without washing me out. Normally dark tones make me me look like a banana, but this one complements my tone well while giving off some serious bad gal vibes. I also love this brand because it's Black and female owned and has a great cause."

Kiarra Sylvester

Sex Writer Kiarra Sylvester

My Lippie: Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Train Bleu, $27

"I think the warm tone brings out the best of brown in me. But, I only really know that it's a fave because I go back every time despite the small size and large price."

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Do you have a favorite berry lipstick? Sound off in the comments below!

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