Don’t Kill My Vibe: 4 Ways To Keep Your Inner Peace In Any Environment

Don’t Kill My Vibe: 4 Ways To Keep Your Inner Peace In Any Environment

There's this meme that's been making its way around social media for a while now that reads: "If it costs you your peace, it's not worth it."

The fact that this quote has been posted, reposted, and shared countless times proves how much its relevance resonates. But it almost runs the risk of coming across as a prerequisite when we're thinking about taking on a new project, job, or relationship.


If it messes with your peace, don't do it. Simple, right? But what about those situations that you're already in?

It's not always easy to say goodbye to an unhealthy environment. So in the meantime, the least we can do is keep our peace to make sure we don't go loca. There's no reason to feel like we can't get anything out of life until we're out of this situation. Here's how to master peace in an unpeaceful environment:

Internalizing Stuff Is For The Birds

Sometimes we don't even realize when we're internalizing stuff and letting it eat us apart from the inside. I used to be the worst at this. And in some situations, I still am. It's like you have this whole conversation in your head about how something is doing the shoot dance on your last nerve. You may even come up with methods to deal with this issue, but never actually express your feelings verbally.

I know I'm guilty of the, "Well if they say this, then I'm gonna say this," back-and-forth within myself. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anyone any good, and infringes on the Feng Shui of my inner peace.

If you never express these feelings, you're really only hurting yourself. You don't have to tell anyone off, but take the initiative to have a conversation. Allowing that person to acknowledge whatever is making it hard to keep your peace will help you start diffusing any toxic energy in your life. If they decide not to respond in a way that's beneficial to you, at that point, it's their problem, not yours.

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