Don’t Kill My Vibe: 4 Ways To Keep Your Inner Peace In Any Environment


There's this meme that's been making its way around social media for a while now that reads: "If it costs you your peace, it's not worth it."

The fact that this quote has been posted, reposted, and shared countless times proves how much its relevance resonates. But it almost runs the risk of coming across as a prerequisite when we're thinking about taking on a new project, job, or relationship.


If it messes with your peace, don't do it. Simple, right? But what about those situations that you're already in?

It's not always easy to say goodbye to an unhealthy environment. So in the meantime, the least we can do is keep our peace to make sure we don't go loca. There's no reason to feel like we can't get anything out of life until we're out of this situation. Here's how to master peace in an unpeaceful environment:

Embrace Self-Affirmations

Those sticky notes that Gabrielle Union posted around the bathroom on Being Mary Jane were legit!

Of course, like most of us, she snatched them down before anyone else could see the self-affirmations that she needed to remind herself of constantly. But having these small reminders in the first place is a major way to keep your inner peace despite everything else going on around you.

It's a small move but will make a major difference in those trying times. If your home is the place that's toxic, then put a few in your car or at your desk at work. Just make it so you can't help but to remind yourself that you're worth keeping your peace no matter what.

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