4 Things To Know About ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Star Emmy Raver-Lampman
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4 Things To Know About ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Star Emmy Raver-Lampman

Emmy Raver-Lampman is one of the stars of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy which is currently streaming its third season. The actress plays Allison Hargreeves who, along with her adopted siblings, are superheroes trying to prevent the end of the world. Each sibling has a special superpower and Allison’s gift is the ability to control someone’s actions by simply stating, “I heard a rumor that…” But who is Emmy outside of her superhero character? Get to know the 33-year-old below.

Emmy Is Adopted 

Similar to her The Umbrella Academy character, Emmy is also adopted. Born Emily Christine Raver-Lampman, Emmy is from Norfolk, VA, and was adopted as a newborn. She hasn’t spoken much about her adoption but she has shared what it was like growing up with the parents that adopted her.

"I was in the musical theater department. I enjoyed theater and that was the way my parents raised me, to follow my gut, follow my heart, and to do the thing that fills my soul and makes me happy,” she said in an interview with Rose & Ivy. “And if it stops making me feel that way then find something else to do. I grew up in a household where it was encouraged to do what makes you happy."

Emmy Began Her Acting Career In Theater

Emmy participated in theater growing up and enrolled in the Governor's School for the Arts for high school. For college, she attended Marymount Manhattan College in New York and from there, she began a career on Broadway. One of the most famous Broadway shows she starred in was the Tony award-winning Hamilton.

Emmy is Dating 'Hamilton' Co-star Daveed Diggs

Emmy and Daveed Diggs met in 2015 while working on Hamilton but they didn’t start dating until years later, presumably in 2017. While they were already friends, 2017 would see them begin to share special one-on-one moments together on social media. In March 2017, Daveed went to support Emmy’s Chicago Hamilton debut and in May 2017, they attended a wedding together. They have kept their relationship private for the most part but in 2021, they gave fans a look into their shared home in Architectural Digest.

Emmy Voices Cartoons 

The Broadway actress appears to do it all. Not only can she work a stage, and capture TV audiences as a superhero but she is also great at voicing characters. Emmy has voiced characters in popular adult cartoons such as Robot Chicken and American Dad. But more recently, you can find her on the sitcom Central Park where she plays Molly. Daveed is also on the show including their Hamilton castmate Leslie Odom Jr.

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