From Foster Care To Olympic Gold: Simone Biles' Upcoming Biopic Is The Life Inspiration We All Needed
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From Foster Care To Olympic Gold: Simone Biles' Upcoming Biopic Is The Life Inspiration We All Needed

The worst thing you could do is limit a black woman's abilities to make magic.

Simone Biles is letting it be known that she doesn't only win gold medals, she also makes art with her creative endeavors. Black girl magic doesn't only exist in the expected industries such as music and entertainment, but in the unsung heroic professions of sports, science, medicine, and in the daily work of living your truth, whatever it may be. Simone's most recent project is a testament to that.

Next month, we can expect a biopic of Simone Biles' life on Lifetime, self-produced by the Olympian herself.

The biopic is titled The Simone Biles Story: Courage to Soar and touches on Simone's journey to the 2016 Olympic games. Played by actress Jeanté Godlock, the movie will expound on the trials and tribulations that Simone overcame to win the gold, beginning from the time she spent in foster care as a child to the beginning days of her love for gymnastics. The movie, which is also based on Simone's book titled Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance, is sure to inspire anyone who has dreams that they are reaching to the skies to accomplish.

Her story is especially inspirational because it is relatable to any woman who has had to overcome the loudness of outside voices trying to silence your greatness. Sometimes when you're great, you become susceptible to public scrutiny. Most of it, if not all, takes place on the internet. Simone has faced bullying throughout her life - by classmates telling her that her gymnastic career was not to be fulfilled, and by internet bullies trying to find every excuse to try and throw darkness over her light.

Time and time again, Simone has showed us her grace in dealing with bullies and only proving to them that her drive and determination will not be stopped.

From her undeniable talent to the work ethic that renders her the most decorated gymnast of all time at 17 medals total, Courage to Soar will only be a reminder that your gold not only comes with sticking to your goals but lives deep inside of you for you to bring out of yourself.

The biopic drops February 3 at 8 pm EST on Lifetime. Watch the trailer for her film below:




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