Manage Your Full-Time Job With Your Side Business With These Easy Tips

Workin' Girl

Not all of us have the luxury of kissing our 9-5 goodbye when we venture out to start our own business.

Heck, some of us might be completely satisfied working for someone else while we rock our own business on the side. Whatever you're going for, don't let your full-time job be the reason you don't open your own business, especially if it's something you're really passionate about.

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Trust me, I get it, working your business at the same time as your job might feel overwhelming to even think about. But it is definitely possible. And you can do it without feeling like you're going to shut down and have burnout. Here's how.

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Have A Plan, Sis

So before you start this amazing journey of launching a business while you're still rocking your full-time job, you gotta get a plan. And not just a business plan, a real-life plan. For starters, do you ultimately want to be able to work your business fully, or keep a job on the side, even if you don't need it? I totally get it if you don't necessarily dream of being your own boss but still want to express your passions with a business. Full-time entrepreneurship doesn't have to be for everybody. Or, do you want to work your business as much as possible until you don't need a job anymore?

Whatever you decide will determine how hard you'll go and how much work you'll put in on the regular. Of course, you can adjust and radio edit as time goes on, but it's super important to have a plan instead of aimlessly wandering into this life changing step. It doesn't take long to write down where you want your business and your career to be in six months, a year, three years, five years, and so on. It's your prerogative and it's your business. You just have to make sure it makes sense for you.

Make The Most Of Your Weekends/Days Off

If you're working a Monday thru Friday job, or even a job that requires you to clock in on the weekends, you really have to make the most of your days off. If you have the standard two days off a week, then make one of those days off that you work on your business like crazy. You could even split it up and work a few hours a day on each day if you're worried about getting overwhelmed. Because as much as we love the grind, even a superwoman needs a rest day more often than we'd like. It's all about working smarter, not necessarily harder.

You can also take advantage of some evenings after work, or if you work nights, some mornings and afternoons before work. Whatever you do, just make the most of your time off and your free time in general. If you live in a major city like Chicago or New York where you rely on public transportation, you can even use those moments to brainstorm and write down the amazing ideas you have rolling around. You just have to find your sweet spot and balance between taking advantage of every free moment, and not burning yourself out. Because if you go way too hard and get exhausted, your business and your health could get the short end of the stick.


What's Your Real Goal?

Whatever it is, go for it. The sky's the limit. The new Kanye might be on some other stuff but the old one was right when he said, "You gon touch the sky baby girl!" All you have to do is go for it. I think the best idea is to write down your dream goal. Not just when it comes to revenue and profit but also when it comes to your reach, target audience, and benchmarks you want to meet. Put dates next to them, and then write a plan on how you'll get it done.

Once you put details next to your dreams, like the how's and the when's, you'll see that they're much more reachable than you might have ever thought. For this particular point, the when is the key. Even if you have to get a cute planner to schedule and write down time you'll work on your business in the morning, on your lunch break, and whenever you see fit, you'll find that you're inching closer toward your goal; even if it is slowly but surely.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

At some point, as your business grows, you're going to need help; especially while you're working your full-time job. I love that within my group of friends, all of us have different strengths, and we let each other capitalize off of them. Whether it's me editing one of their blog posts or them helping me sit down and focus on my brand image, it's not a bad thing to use other's strengths in areas where you might be lacking; especially if you're offering your own services too.

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Another way you can ask for help is to find a mentor. While your business idea is a unique one that will bring something special that no one else can offer, it's pretty likely that someone else has already accomplished something similar. Whether it's in a different industry or with a different target market, don't be afraid to reach out to someone and ask them to guide you along until you take off the training wheels.

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Rock That Budget

So one of the best parts about having a full-time job is that it can pay for your business until you're ready to fly solo (if that's what you aim for in the future). While you're working your job, use that to your advantage to fund projects, events, or anything that can help build your businesses in the long run. Even if you're just starting out with an idea and haven't been able to lay out the logistics, thanks to your job you can at least start a savings account that will serve as a pretty nice cushion when you're ready to launch.

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From building a website to advertising to potential clients, business expenses can definitely add up with the quickness. So don't be ashamed of letting your hard work at your job pay for it until you don't need it anymore.

Have you started on your own business? What are some tips you have for navigating owning a business and having a full time job?

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