Is It Okay To Say 'No' To Your Man, Even If You're Too Tired For Sex?

Is It Okay To Say 'No' To Your Man, Even If You're Too Tired For Sex?

Sevyn Streeter on Breafast Club

The first time I say "no" it's like I never said "yes" - Beyoncé

When it comes to being in a relationship today, there's an insane amount of pressure on women to do everything perfectly while looking perfect. Ideally, a woman is expected to have a slim waist with a big behind that she takes to the kitchen to slave away preparing home-cooked meals for her man better than his mama. She's also expected to take care of the kids, keep the house tidy, run his bathwater, be a boss and sexually please him every which way.

Exhausting, right?

So when it's time for some loving and a woman is too tired to perform in the bedroom, does that mean her boo is well within his rights to go get it elsewhere? Sevyn Streeter may think so.

The 28-year-old singer really believes in not killing the fun, as we learned from her Breakfast Club interview recently. Sharing her logic with the trio, Sevyn said a woman should never tell her man "no" when he's ready for some fun because she took him off the market, thereby cutting him off from other women willing to give up the goodies.

She explained:

I think when you're with somebody you love or trust or whatever, I think that it's important you don't kill the fun.Me and my friends have this conversation all the time. I think that when you commit to somebody and take them off the market, I think that it is your job, as a woman or a man, to--I don't think you should ever say, 'no.' Anal sex I'm not into, but I mean if you're tired--'Oh I'm tired, I don't feel like it.' No, because at the end of the day, you took that person off the market. They can't go and be with somebody else because they're with you. So, don't you ever say no.

We know for sure she's keeping her man and his eggplant happy.

Sevyn, who's currently dating B.o.B, also talked about her relationship with the rapper while throwing shade at her insecure ex-boyfriend who wanted her to "dim her light."

On B.o.BI take my life a day at a time. I think that's all that you can do. With me and B.o.B, we started out as friends. We were friends for a very long time. And I say this all the time and I mean it from the bottom of my heart -- if it ended tomorrow, he's still my friend. I never had anything start out that way before. In the past, I've had relationships with BANs [B*tch A** N*ggas]. My ex-boyfriend in my last situation, I feel like I had to dim my light. I feel like he didn't want me to shine. So it feels really good to be dating somebody who has his own light. He is comfortable in his own skin and supports me like, 'Alright, boo. Go shine.' And I think that's dope and important to me.

Catch the interview below!




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