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Sabrina Elba Unveils Why Self-Care Rituals With Husband Idris Are Crucial: 'I Love Showering Together'

Sabrina Elbaexplains why she loves participating in collaborative self-care routines with her husband, actorIdris Elba.

The couple, who first crossed paths at a Vancouver party, has been together for nearly a decade and tied the knot in 2019. Over the years, Sabrina and Idris have consistently demonstrated that they thrive personally and professionally as a team.

A notable example of their collaborative success is their gender-neutral skincare brand, S'ABLE. But the pair's achievement doesn't stop there. Recently, Sabrina and Idris unveiled their latest venture as the newest ambassadors for Calvin Klein's Eternity fragrance line. While commemorating their latest project, the 34-year-old spoke with PEOPLE magazine about their daily regimes and shared why she cherishes each moment.

Sabrina On The Couple’s Self-Care Routines

During the conversation, Sabrina revealed that while the couple enjoys their shared routines and getting ready together, the Hijack star always wraps up first.

“I love showering together, although we have some really funny memories showering together,” she said. “We have two sinks, separate sinks, side by side. And it's funny because we're doing the exact same thing because we started a skincare brand [S'ABLE Labs]. We're both using exact same products. He does it really fast, I'm like, ‘Hold on, my toner is still setting.’ But we do the, okay, he's there. I'm here.”

Further into the conversation, the model outlines the benefits of having a partner to share a self-care routine with rather than doing it alone.

“It feels like it's part of our day. When we can get up at the same time and someone doesn't have to be up super early, it's really nice, because we can get into the shower and enjoy that moment, have a coffee together, which doesn't feel like it happens enough, unfortunately. I think selfless self-care when it's with community and your partner and with anyone feels really nice.”

With this recent revelation and the numerous insights Sabrina and Idris share about their relationship, they have proven that true love does exist and that the right partner can elevate one's life.

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