The Lip Bar's Rosco Spears Shares The Hidden Gems Of Detroit
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The Lip Bar's Rosco Spears Shares The Hidden Gems Of Detroit

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Rosco Spears is a do it all type of woman that can adapt to any position she's called to, and she credits that with growing up in Detroit. Known as the "motor city," this famous midwestern city has a thriving art, culinary, and nightlife scene. Rosco currently works as the creative director of The Lip Bar alongside the brand's founder Melissa Butler. Rosco and Melissa had been friends since high school. The Lip Bar has become a nationally recognized beauty brand, and the brand's corporate offices are right in the heart of the city they grew up in.

"I'm from the west side of Detroit," Rosco tells xoNecole. "Dexter and Linwood, to be exact, which is a little hood, but it's still home."

Despite the negative stereotypes that exist about Detroit, Rosco believes there is so much beauty and togetherness in her hometown. "For a while, people were making [Detroit] out to be a very dark and eerie place. But Detroit is so beautiful. I mean, I'm pretty sure everybody would say that about their hometown, but it's really such a beautiful place. The people are genuinely good and friendly. it feels like family."

As a busy executive, wife, and new mom, Rosco is committed to building a future and legacy for herself and her family. While she currently resides in North Carolina with her family, she often travels back to Detroit for business and to visit family. Reflecting on Detroit brings up many memories for Rosco, including growing up with folks that looked like her.

Her most fond memory is escaping to Belle Isle for the most scenic drives. Since the new Toyota Corolla Cross is made for cruising, Rosco recommends this offshore destination as one of the best ways to experience the city. "This is not technically Detroit, but I love the St. Clair shores. You just get to drive along the shoreline. That's like if you're riding up Jefferson, which is a very popular street downtown, you just keep going up Jefferson and you can get a scenic route. It's such a great way to experience the city.

Check out Rosco's favorite hang outs, wellness experiences, and eateries in her Detroit city guide below.

Condado Tacos, 634 Selden St, Detroit, MI 48201

"I love Condado Tacos. It's a Mexican spot. They have amazing tacos, amazing drinks, amazing taco bowls, veggie bowls. I've never had anything on their menu that I complained about. I think it's amazing."

Yum Village 6500 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202

"There's this really amazing Caribbean spot called Yum Village. I actually found out about them because they used to have a food truck right behind our pop-up store. They have the most amazing plantains and the most amazing jerk chicken."

American Coney Island, 114 W Lafayette Blvd Detroit, MI 48226

"American Coney Island is the spot that you go to after the club because that's the only thing that's open. So it's essentially the let-out, because after everybody is out partying, Coney Island is open and they literally have everything. You can get salads, you can get a chicken pita wrap, you can get chicken wings, you can get a steak. But they're known for their Coney Dog which is a hot dog with chili, onions, and mustard. I would say the Coney Dog is a Detroit staple."

Woodhouse Day Spa, 1380 H Street, Washington, D.C. 20002

"What's funny is that I work in the beauty industry, but I am the opposite of a beauty girl. But when I want to get my body wrap done or a massage, I go to Woodhouse Day Spa. They're Black-owned and the founders are very kind people."

The Heidelberg Project, 3442 McDougall Street Detroit, MI 48207

"There's this guy, his name is Tyree Guyton. He created the Heidelberg project where he essentially went to this neighborhood that was kind of impoverished, lots of abandoned houses, and created artwork everywhere. So he painted the cement, he painted the streets, he painted the houses, he did installations all around. I love visiting it and taking people visiting Detroit for the first time. I like to take them over there because it's just such a wild art installation and it's so unexpected."

BLOOM Transformation Center, 227 Iron St. Detroit, MI, 48207

"The last time I was home, I went to this spot called BLOOM Transformation Center. I went with my sister for sound therapy. We went in, we took our shoes off, we laid on the mats, and we just spent an hour having a sound bath, and it was the most amazing experience."




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