Plus-Sized Model Precious Lee Axed Law School Aspirations To Become A Poppin’ International Runway Model
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Plus-Sized Model Precious Lee Axed Law School Aspirations To Become A Poppin’ International Runway Model

She may have stolen the show in Drake and 21 Savage’s music video for "Spin Bout U," but honestly, that’s nothing new to a statuesque 5’11, fabulous and fly, Precious Lee. Her energy radiates, rocking more curves than a California highway, and sis is taking over high fashion just the same, emerging as Paris Fashion Week’s most sought-after and coveted curve model on international runways, becoming one of the first to open a show in the fashion capital of the world.

And the best part? She landed here by faith.

She revealed in a 2022 cover story forElle that she initially planned to go to law school. In fact, she only decided to change course after a friend persuaded her to go to an open call at a modeling agency in Atlanta. “That was one of the most spiritual decisions that I feel like I made in my adult life—to really take that leap,” she said. “To say I’m a full-time model after spending thousands of dollars on college. That is a huge risk. Especially being a size 12, 14. Having dark skin, not coming from nepotism. There were so many different things that were aligned for me to have ‘a struggle.’”

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She elaborated, telling Vogue, “My entire matriculation, I was juggling modeling and college, and it was so difficult to do because I’m running to a photo shoot in another city while trying to make sure my midterms were on time,” she explains. “So, I put off law school, and I knew I wanted to be a lawyer since like 7th grade.”

Precious even took the LSAT, but after signing with Ford Models in New York during the second semester of her senior year, Lee moved to the city the same week she graduated from college (Clark Atlanta University). Turns out, stepping out on her own path was in the cards for her. She signed with Ford Models during the second semester of her senior year of college and hasn’t looked back since.

And rightfully so, as sis has gotten to the modeling bag thanks to Versace, Michael Kors, Prabal Gurung, Moschino, and Christian Siriano utilized her talent during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022, and also appeared in Mama Bad Gyal’s 2022 Savage X Fenty show.

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As for now, Lee is taking it all in, closing the interview by saying, “I walked a runway with Naomi. As a size 14. Like, ‘What?’ I’m grateful it’s happening right now. I’m grateful it’s happening from my spirit.”

Thankfully, at just 32 years old, Precious sees a long future for herself in modeling, which she hopes to venture out for more opportunities, having already booked a small acting role in the TV series Run the World. “I flipped the script in the world of modeling, and I plan on flipping the script [in Hollywood] too. That’s my goal.”

You better say that, sis.

Follow Precious around in Paris in the Vogue clip below:

How Model Precious Lee Gets Runway Ready | Diary of a Model | Vogue

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