Here's Our Favorite Style IGs Of The Week: Vol. 9

Here's Our Favorite Style IGs Of The Week: Vol. 9

Is it us or is this the trickiest time of year to dress for? The sight of falling leaves and drifting temperatures make you want to grab your favorite knitwear and coziest coat. The key is to take it easy. Don't throw on that cute puffer coat every day. Mix it up and meet the day where it is because the fall/winter season is best explained as a marathon and not a sprint. This week's rotation features the best fashion flexes captured for the 'Gram.

Jhene Aiko starts us off with the the ultimate Slauson Barbie getup, Sienna schools us with a striking blue number and JaLisa finishes us off with the classic 90s swirl print. If you ever needed a guide for fall, these fashionable gals are the ones to give you the edge your style needs. Ready, set, slay!

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