Mýa Opens Up About Marrying Herself And Being An Independent Artist
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Mýa Opens Up About Marrying Herself And Being An Independent Artist

In February 2020, Mýa shocked everyone when she posted a photo of herself in a wedding gown speculating that she was married. It was later revealed that she was married to herself. The picture was from her music video “The Truth” where she sings about being in love and in the video she is seen getting married, but there was no groom.

When she first addressed the chaos that ensued following the picture, she revealed that she actually married herself in real life in 2013.

Most recently, the singer dished on her marriage and also talked about being an independent artist during her visit to the Tamron Hall Show.

“It was a spiritual thing that actually happened in real life,” she said. “When I wrote the song with another counterpart of mine, we wrote it to self, but I never brought a visual to life. I decided to do that last Valentine’s Day because a lot of people feel alone when they’re looking at the man-made holidays and how people celebrate and what it comes to be understood as.”

“But it’s very, very important to take care of yourself especially if you’re a nurturer and like to take care of so many people prior to taking care of yourself and women also have the habit of doing that,” she said.

If you’re wondering whether or not she actually put a ring on it, she did. She gave viewers a glimpse of her wedding band on the Tamron Hall Show and revealed her motivation behind the symbolic ring.

“If a guy comes up to you and hits on you in public, it's hard to turn someone down and not have some repercussions sometimes or have them take it personal. I don’t like hurting feelings so that’s the easiest way,” she said.

However, she did say that while she tells people she’s married she doesn’t go into detail and say that she’s married to herself.

Marrying herself is just one part of her journey to self. After 20+ years in the music industry, the multi-hyphenate is also officially an independent artist.

“The independent journey has been just amazingly rewarding because I’ve worn many different hats, learned skill sets that I, as a recording artist, never knew I would be doing,” she said. “Drafting contracts and taking care of all the paperwork which is completely boring I’m sure it sounds, but it’s necessary to protect yourself and to avoid mishaps.”

Currently, Mýa is starring in a new Christmas film My Favorite Christmas Melody on Lifetime.

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