K. Michelle Opens Up On Surgery Reversal, Lupus & Surrogacy
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K. Michelle Opens Up On Surgery Reversal, Lupus & Surrogacy

Sometimes it takes bringing new life in the world to bring you back to the woman you really are. Motherhood can act like a mirror, reflecting your truest self back to you and sometimes it's a reconnection to self that's needed.

K. Michelle has been known to keep it real and have her tell it, having two daughters on the way might have been the push she needed to get back to basics, and back to the real her. When she stopped by Ebro In The Morning on Monday (December 11), the conversation took an interesting turn from discussing her forthcoming album Kimberly:The People I Used To Know, and navigated into the realms of her health, body confidence, and loving her natural self.

"This year was really a rough health year for me. I had to be like knocked down."

When going into detail about her poor health choices in 2017, K. Michelle revealed that she also was misdiagnosed with lupus but has had some struggles with infertility stemming from nonrelated health issues. However, infertility cannot stop a mother from being a mother. So, the singer, who is also the mother to a son, is now expecting twin baby girls with her fiancé Dr. Kastan Sims by way of a surrogate.

The impending arrival of her twins are not only ushering new life into the world, but there are also creating a new wave of necessary self-love for K Michelle, who has spoken about her desires to look natural again over the years. With Ebro, she admitted that in the industry sometimes when she wants to be talking dollars and cents, men are more focused on her assets than anything else. She said, "I don't need no man looking down at my a— when I'm trying to talk numbers."

She also touched on the reason she chose to enhance her behind despite having junk in her trunk already.

As she stated on Ebro In The Morning:

""I had a big a–. I already had one. It was insecurity. I was like, 'I want a big a–, I want some titties, I want some teeth. This is what I wanna do.' I just did it. It felt good. It was a temporary bandage on some issues with me and it felt good at the moment. Now I just want to be me, who my mama made me."

Wanting to feel like her natural self again is primarily an act a self love but also to set a better example for her twin baby girls that she is expecting. And it's evident that K. Michelle is well on the way to not only living her best life, but being the best version of herself.

From correcting her bad health habits to the experiencing motherhood for the second time around by the grace of God, things are looking on the up and up for her. If it's one thing that can be learned from her journey is that nothing is the end all be all and it's never too late to make changes to help us be the best versions of ourselves.

Watch K. Michelle's conversation with Ebro below.

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