How to Wake Up Happy In 6 Simple Steps

How to Wake Up Happy In 6 Simple Steps

BIC® Soleil® celebrates all who make their own sun by living life on the bright side!

I'm being completely honest when I say that I tend to wake up in a good mood. It's not that things don't happen in my life that try to rob me of my joy, but I've made a conscious decision over the last year to not allow the trials and tribulations of life to interrupt my good vibes. I'm a firm believer that happiness is a choice, and having control over your thoughts can make all the difference in how you go about your day, and can turn any negative into a positive.

But I must admit that it took time for me to get to this place, and I had to learn what to add and subtract in my life to equal a positive state of mind. While I could keep all of these juicy tips on how I wake up with a smile to myself, I'd much rather share them with you. After all, giving is part of the foundation of my happiness, and it brings me joy to see others filled with light, love and purpose.

Happiness is something that you can experience every day, too! I've teamed up with BIC®Soleil Shine® to show how you can Make Your Own Sun®. Here are a few things that I do to get my mind right so that I can wake up happy each and every day and live life on the bright side.

Wake Up to Positive Words

I recently moved into a new place and decided that this time I wanted to do a little DIY and paint my wall in chalkboard paint so that I can write phrases that are both positive and motivating on my wall. It's a great creative outlet, and the power of subliminal messaging is real. Besides, who wouldn't want to wake up to the words “queen," “fearless" and “winner" first thing in the morning? Maybe painting walls isn't your thing (or your landlord's preference). No worries, you can get chalkboard paper or even poster boards and write whatever words make you smile. I'd also advise that you hang them right in front of your bed so that you literally see them as soon as your eyes open.

Add to A Blessings Jar

Two years ago I discovered the greatness of a blessings jar. It's a simple way to never forget to count your wins, and great to revisit on those days when everyone seems to be throwing shade over your sunshine. I found a cute yellow jar (Yellow. Sunshine. See what I did there?) and whenever something good happened, like a co-worker buying me lunch or winning a writing contest, I would write it down on a slip of paper along with the date and toss it into the jar. I, personally, like waiting until the end of the year to empty out the jar and reflect over all of the things that made me happy throughout the year; however, it's also great to reach into every day or whenever you need a pick me up to remind you that life isn't as bad as social media will try to make it out to be.

Clean Up Your Social Media

Speaking of social media, I'm all about clearing out the bad and making room for the good. I've heard some people say that they choose not to get on social media before going to bed or when they wake up so that they stay in positive spirits, and I'm all for that, too! But I have a habit of naturally reaching for my phone when the alarm goes off and scrolling through my social media timeline just so I can wipe the sleep out of my eyes and avoid hitting the snooze button. So instead of completely saying no to social media, I choose to be more mindful of whom I follow. Some of my favorite accounts are ones with uplifting quotes, healthy food pages with bright and beautiful pictures, and travel brands that motivate me to continue working hard so that I can cross that trip to Thailand off of my bucket list. I'm quick to unfollow anyone who's constantly posting gossip or negative images because I truly believe you reap what you sow, and if you're ingesting negativity at 8 a.m., then it's no surprise when come 5 p.m. you're regurgitating hostility towards your boss

Turn On Some Good Tunes

As much as I love to turn up, I prefer to start my day with songs that make me feel good and remind me to be thankful. I'll turn on my “Good Vibes" playlist, which features everything from gospel music to uplifting R&B tunes, and it puts me in such a good place that I feel like I can go out and conquer the day. When you take in good sounds and positive words, you're bound to approach your day a little differently than someone who starts their day off with a “he broke my heart" playlist. Don't know what songs to listen to? Music streaming services have great playlists to choose from that fit every mood. Let others do the work for you so that you can focus your energy on how you're going to be a badass and get your “I'm every woman" on as you conquer the world.

Don't Go To Bed In A Bad Mood

I'm not married yet, but I've heard some partners attest to deciding not to go to bed without clearing the air as a key to a long-lasting relationship. It's something that I think translates into all forms of relationships, including family, friendships, business relationships, and of course, your love life. That argument that may have put you in a foul mood doesn't have to keep you there. Talking things out and coming to a mutual understanding with people (or at least agreeing to disagree) can take a load of stress off of your plate and allows you to hit the sheets with a clear conscience. I find that when something is bothering me and I go to bed without resolution, I toss and turn all night and have trouble getting some shut eye, and nobody wakes up in a good mood when they've lost out on a good night's sleep.

Clear the air. Make sure that you're not harboring any ill feelings towards your friend, sister, cousin, boyfriend, or your boss because at the end of the day, they're not the ones who are going to wake up swinging at the air!

Prepare for the Day that You Want

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. If you want to wake up feeling like, “I've got this," then you need to get to work the night before mapping out your day so that you can limit as many distractions as possible. That can be everything from planning out your work day and what you want to get done to laying out your outfit so that you're not rushing out the door the next morning thanks to those 30 minutes you spent sifting through your closet. Eliminating stress is key to keeping a smile on your face, and allows you to focus your thoughts on keeping calm and staying positive.

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Waking up every day and finding the bright side is something that took time for me to learn but it has been a vital part of my happiness, and it's why BIC® Soleil® is encouraging you to Make Your Own Sun.

What are some things that you do to wake up every day happy? Share them below!

Learn more about BIC®Soleil® Shine at feelthesoleil.com and @bicsoleil.

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