Does It Matter How Much He Spends On The First Date?

Men and women weigh in on how much a man should spend on the first date and if it even really matters.


They say love don't cost a thing but first impressions are everything! So the question is- to spend or not to spend?

The CEO of popular dating site "What's Your Price," Brandon Wade, had a very interesting theory on the rules of spending on a first date. He said:

The amount a man spends on a first date indicates his level of sincerity towards building a serious/lasting relationship. That is not to say that men should always spend the same amount as they did for the first date. However, to leave a good impression, men need to do, what I call, 'The Peacock Dance' to show they are good providers and therefore viable mates."

Hmm, now that's debatable! And interestingly enough, 'What's Your Price' found that the average amount of money most men are willing to spend on the first date is about $177, with the list of the Top Most Generous Cities looking something like this:

1. Reno, Nevada - $2302. Charlotte, North Carolina - $208
3. New Orleans, Louisiana - $197
4. Memphis, Tennessee - $183
5. Washington, D.C. - $177
6. Dallas, Texas - $175
7. Miami, Florida - $168
8. Boston, Massachusetts - $154
9. Chicago, Illinois - $148
10. Houston, Texas - $143

Sheesh! Of course we took to our social media to ask some of our followers what they felt were the rules of spending on the first date, and what came next, we didn't expect.

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Besides a good amount of female testimonials of cheap dates that turned into soul mates, we had some intelligent, dope dudes offer up their takes on the issue too. Check out our favorites in the gallery below

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