6 Apps That Will Make The Rest Of Your 2019 Productive AF
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6 Apps That Will Make The Rest Of Your 2019 Productive AF

2019 is more than halfway over! If you're like me, you have yet to cross off your major goals for the year and are sitting here wondering where the time went. Or maybe the first half of your 2019 was super productive and you need something to keep that momentum going.

Either way, before we let things or people waste any more of our time and energy, this is the perfect moment to take inventory of what we hope to accomplish over the next T minus five months. And the drive we're looking for can be right at our fingertips.

Before you dive into more goal-setting, check out these journaling apps that can boost your organization, productivity and even self-care.

Remember The Milk:

Remember The Milk App

If you're a to-do list kind of girl at heart, this might be the app you've been searching your App store for. Whether your goal for 2019 is to just remember the little, tedious tasks or become more organized in general, Remember The Milk reminds us that we can do it all…and that it doesn't have to be stressful. It's easy to access, making it convenient to that take to-do from your brain and integrate it to your phone. It takes your organization to the next level with the ability to categorize tasks by due dates, how often the task will repeat, lists, tags and other features.

Planner Pro:

This is for the woman who's looking to combine and sync all of her planning, scheduling and productivity apps in one. Planner Pro can connect with your calendars and events (and even hide calendars if you feel like you're getting super overwhelmed). You can plan timely tasks (with a variety of 25 different priorities and a system reminder for each one) and can also create unlimited notes each day.

Day One:

Day One App

This app has already gained more than enough popularity and touts as the #1 app for journaling. And there are so many reasons why, sis. For starters, it's aesthetically appealing, which can serve as an inspiration to use it. Second, it features so many ways for you to reach your goals and stay organized this year. Whether you want to upload a snapshot to remind you of what you're striving for, leave yourself an audio message for those days you're stuck in a rut, or organize your to-dos with tags and by favorites, Day One can seriously be the app you never knew you needed.

Five Minute Journal: 

It's safe to say that making to-do lists and getting them done is just the beginning of setting and reaching goals this year. But if one of your goals (or many of them) is to channel your inner self and just start journaling your thoughts more, Five Minute Journal can be a good start. We all love a good pen and a cute notebook, but if you're not there yet, or if you want something a little more convenient to carry around with you, this app allows you to easily create and edit journal entries, and has an option for you to create a list of things you're grateful for; which a lot of times can be what journaling is all about.


Wunderlist App

Many of us are women on the go trying to be a superwoman all while taking care of ourselves. Wunderlist can help us get there without going crazy. From reminding you to book a nail appointment or grab coffee with a friend (because yes, life can get that hectic), to making sure you don't forget work tasks and assignments, Wunderlist has a beautiful way of keeping us aligned with personal and professional to-dos. So whether your goal is to climb the corporate ladder or do better at spending quality time with friends and family, this app can help you do both.


Have you ever wished that you could document some of your favorite moments, but didn't want to share it on social media? That's where Momento comes in. For now, this app is only available for iPhones, but there are some pretty standup alternatives for Android users. Momento houses all of your notes, photos, videos and even locations and friends in one app. If you do want to branch out, it also syncs your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. On top of social media features, users can write private notes, make summaries of the days, months and years (which is amazing to help keep track of goals), create custom reminders and so much more.

What are some methods you've used to accomplish your goals this year? Comment and let us know!

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